studio news…

my studio project is back on the move; after an unexpected hiatus. there were a few design flaws that weren’t “visible” until after the installation had started. there were some cabinet doors banging into each other and not opening completely in the corners and a BIG problem with a planned corner desk – i couldn’t reach the upper cabinets without a ladder!

so sections of the room had to be reworked and new parts ordered! great! more time and more $$$! but the problem areas were fixed and the installer finished putting all the cabinets in their place today. YIPEE!

i can now set up an appointment to get the countertops measured and ordered. now if i can just decide on a color for them. i was ALL set to order this cute pattern called microdot in white…

but then, my crafty friend laura pointed out that the cute texture would probably collect “crud” and make it harder to clean, and white! why she was practically HORRIFIED that i was thinking white! LOL! white countertops in a craft room? what was i thinking?

i was thinking that the nice bright white would POP off the lime walls and look nice and crisp against the natural maple cabinets. but maybe white isn’t such a good idea…

so then i was thinking about black…

or maybe a grey or metallic…

and then i found one i REALLY like, but back to possible “crud” in the dots…

so, these are just a FEW of the hundreds of options and i’m afraid to pick one for fear that i’ll see something i REALLY like after i’ve already ordered them. but i’m leaning towards black or a metallic. of course price may narrow my choice, the metal-looks may be out of my price range.

here are some pics of the office with all the cabinets installed, i was surprised that it was still roomy, maybe i DO have room for an island!

just a few more weeks and i can move in! well a few more weeks and a LOT of work getting all my junque organized and READY to move in!

2 thoughts on “studio news…

  1. It’s looking really great! So much storage . . . a girl could get jealous. Is the floor polished concrete? I so want that in my whole house.

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