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new online class series

attention! calling all scrapbookers!

i have been busy working on an online class series. photoFULL has been the most popular of all my classes.

i taught the class for years at various scrapbook stores and conventions. the loss of ALL our local stores as well as changing times had me looking for a different way to teach this class.

online teaching will be a new experience for me. i have done instructional videos for various companies as a designer. but i only had to concern myself with the project and presentation of it.

the filming and editing was not on me! tech is not my strong point. my son and hubbie are helping me with this new venture.

i have made a few videos on my own. they have mostly been still photos with instructions set in a video format.

the first class in the series has been videoed, edited and loaded.

there will be 6 classes in the series plus a trial class. the trial class will be just $7.

the 6 month series will be $35 PLUS you will get the trial class FREE!

please drop back by tomorrow for all the details. you will be able to sign up tomorrow as well.

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