class info: money $aving sketches at scrapbook n’ more

in this class, i’ll provide you with a “sketch” – basically a template and cutting guide – for not one but TWO – 12 X 12 double page, quick and easy layouts. but these aren’t any ordinary sketches, these are Money $aving $ketches!

these Money $aving $ketches are designed to not only hold a good amount of larger size photos, but to also S-T-R-E-T-C-H you supplies as far as they can go. each month’s “sketch” will be different, but the premise will remain the same…

take one set of supplies, cut them according to the sketch, and suddenly you have 2 scrapbook layouts DONE!

a $5 supply credit is included in the $15 class fee so you can “purchase” printed papers and cardstock for this class.

you’ll also get complete directions with full color sketches so you can copy this layout as many times as you wish

*NOTE: embellishments are NOT included

Please bring these tools & supplies:

paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive {zip dry or 3-in1 preferred} and tape runner for photos

optional: letters for title, ribbon and any embellishments desired

Please bring photos if you have them:

18-20 photos from the same event or events with a coodinating color scheme or theme

questions?: please e-mail me at —

thank you!

please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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