class info: photoFULL: scrapbook n’ more

each class will feature a “sketch”, basically a template and cutting guide, for a different 2 page 12 X 12 layout AND a different technique on how to get MORE photos on YOUR pages!

Pockets, flaps and flips OH MY! if you have STACKS of photos from birthdays, Easter, Christmas, graduations, weddings or any other theme laying around that you are dreading doing because you have SO many pictures, come give this class a try, and find out how to get them scrapped QUICK!

The techniques you learn can be applied to your own pages, and soon, you’ll be getting TONS more photos scrapbooked quickly and easily.

a $5 supply credit is included in your $15 class fee so you can “purchase” the printed papers and cardstocks you need for this class.

you’ll also receive complete directions with full color photos & sketches so you can copy this layout as many times as you wish.

*NOTE: the embellishments are NOT included

Please bring these tools & supplies:


paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive {zip dry or 3-in-1 recommended}, stylus, bone folder and chalk or dye inks optional


20+ photos from same event; include a few verticals if possible, and some of the photos should be croppable.


letters for title, ribbon and any embellishments desired

questions?: please e-mail me at —

thank you!

9 thoughts on “class info: photoFULL: scrapbook n’ more

  1. Tami Are you having a photo full class in April. My sister is visiting from California and we would like to take your class. Please let me know the date. Thank you

  2. the date of the April class is 4/28. hope you can both make it!

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