here are photos of the EERILY ENCHANTED altered book…

please click on any to enlarge…

use these photos ALONG with your written directions!!! these are not the complete directions for the book!


section 3:

separate 5 pages off FRONT of section before wrapping the remaining pages of section. lay loose pages back down on FRONT of section and then measure and mark 2” from the left at the top of the page (a), then 3” down (b). cut a slit along the mark (c). then fold open as shown (d).

fold should be uneven; left side should not extend past gutter and corner of right side fold should extend a bit past page. staple flaps down close to inside edges. wrap right side under flap, then glue down to section to FRONT of section 3 along right side and bottom.


ee - sect 3 - a (640x427)


ee - sect 3 - b (640x427)


ee - sect 3 - c (640x427)


ee - sect 3 - d (640x413)

section 4:

separate 3 pages off FRONT of section before wrapping the remainder. skip 1st loose page, on 2cd page, mark ½” from left side at top of page (a) and on 3rd page mark 1” at top (b). then start with the 1st loose page and fold the top corner down towards the gutter, as close as you can get it; making sure bottom edge is even with a line or space of print (c). then fold up bottom edge to make a point at right side (d).

then on the 2nd page, fold top corner down to ½” mark (e) and fold bottom corner up even with top corner (f). repeat at 1” mark on 3rd page. folded pages should look like those in (g) – printed paper is there just so folds are easier to see. then, reverse the fold on the BOTTOM folds on all 3 pages (h). back of folded pages should look like (i) finished folded pages should look like (j). glue folds on back of flaps down to secure.


ee - sect 4 - a (640x426)


ee - sect 4 - b (640x426)


ee - sect 4 - c (640x427)


ee - sec 4 - d (640x603)


ee - sce 4 - e (640x425)


ee - sce 4 - f (541x640)


ee - sect 4 - g (640x587)


ee - sect 4 - h (640x474)


ee - sect 4 - i (640x447)


ee - sec 4 j (640x478)

section 5:

separate 3 pages off BACK of section before wrapping the remainder. fold the 3 pages together towards the gutter about 2” from left side (a). then on back of fold, fold in corners (b). folded pocket (c). then tear off margin portion (d).  glue corners down, then glue pocket flap down. then glue pocket section down to BACK of section 5 along top and bottom ONLY. staple at top and bottom of flap to reinforce.


ee - sec5 - a (640x420)


ee - see5 - b (640x591)


ee - see5 - c (640x446)


ee - see5 - d (640x434)

 section 6:

separate 3 pages off BACK of section before wrapping remainder of section. to make pocket on back of page, first lay the 3 loose pages down on the BACK of section 6. then mark along top about ½” from gutter at top (a), then about 3” down from top (b) along left side. pencil in a curved line between these 2 marks (c) and cut along it (d).  finished cut (e).


ee - sec6 - a (640x480)


ee - sec6 - b (640x594)


ee - sec6 - c (640x517)


ee - sec6 - d (640x604)


ee - sec6 - e (600x640)

section 7 – part 1:

postcard insert: separate 2 pages off FRONT of section and then fold both loose pages a little less than 1″ toward spine (a), keep folding piece toward spine about 3-4 more times (b-c) until folded portion is about ½” to ¾” away from gutter (c). pencil along edge of fold is just so you can see it better. glue last fold down and staple at top and bottom. this forms the tab that postcard will be attached to. tab is left loose in book – it is NOT glued down to a section.


ee - sec7 - pcardtab - a (640x470)


ee - sec7 - pcardtab - b (640x454)


ee - sec7 - pcardtab - c (627x640)

 section 7 – part 2:

secret drawer: separate 5 pages off FRONT AND BACK of section – wrap each group of 5 pages, leaving the center pages of section 7 UN-wrapped. then on TOP page of loose center section: mark 1 ½” down from top (a).  then draw a straight horizontal line at mark (use print to make this easier) (b). repeat at bottom (c). then cut along both lines towards gutter (d). then cut out CENTER section ONLY and reserve (e). center cut out – printed paper inserted to make it easier to see only (f). wrap inside edges of cut out (g). then bring all 3 parts of section 7 together (h).  then wrap all 3 parts together of section 7 together at the top and bottom only; being careful NOT TO COVER or wrap the “drawer” opening you have made. (i).


ee - sec7 - drawer - a (640x427)


ee - sec7 - drawer - b (640x355)


ee - sec7 - drawer - c (640x384)


ee - sec7 - drawer - d (640x427)


ee - sec7 - drawer - e (640x466)


ee - sec7 - drawer - f (640x441)


ee - sec7 - drawer - g (640x575)


ee - sec7 - drawer - h (640x433)


ee - sec7 - drawer -i (640x586)

 section 8:

separate FRONT 5 pages of section, then wrap remainder. place cutting mat between loose pages and wrapped section. use paper piercer or tip of scissors to make hole at center. then cut an “x” at the center of the page to within 1 ¼” of all 4 corners. (a) then fold back all 4 corners (b). cut off corner near gutter. (c) fold points of corners back towards center (d). punch small hole through all layers (e) then for easier access to tag, punch half moon at center just behind top point using 1” circle punch.  wrap top on either side of half moon and wrap side.  glue down points and insert brads. then glue pocket down to FRONT of section 8 along sides – narrow amount along outer edges – and bottom ONLY! you are making a pocket that opens at the top. DO NOT glue too close to opening at sides! tag will need to slide in along sides so that it does not pop out of opening at center.


ee - sec8- a (640x554)


ee - sec8 - b (431x640)


ee - sec8 - c (640x406)


ee - sec8 - d (640x426)


ee - sec8 - e (640x426)



eerily enchanted - inside front cover - page 1 (640x466)


eerily enchanted - page 2 and 3 (640x513)


eerily enchanted - page 4 and 5 (640x582)


eerily enchanted - page 6 and 7 (640x508)

PAGE 8 & PAGE 9 – pop up page

eerily enchanted - page 8 and 9 (640x536)

eerily enchanted - pop up (640x427)

see pop-up how to here: YOUTUBE POP UP PAGES – start at 5:04

PAGE 10 & PAGE 11

eerily enchanted - page 10 and 11 (640x409)


eerily enchanted - page 12 and postcard insert (640x501)


eeirly enchanted - back postcard and page 13 (640x458)


eerily enchanted - book for secret drawer (640x610)

book fits inside drawer in section 7 (640x536)

PAGE 14 & PAGE15

eerily enchanted - page 14 and 15 (640x498)


eerily enchanted - page 16 and inside back cover (640x497)


eerily enchanted - back cover (513x640)


eerily enchanted - spine (264x640) eerily enchanted - spine cu (328x640)


cut sheet apart as shown…

eerily enchanted - cover directs 1 (640x625)

cut apart center section as shown; reserve other pieces for use in your book…

eerily enchanted - cover directs 2 (640x637)

closeup of above pieces… reserve floral piece at the right for use in the inside front cover

eerily enchanted - cover directs - cu1 (567x640)

eerily enchanted - cover directs - cu2 (640x565)

eerily enchanted - cover directs cu3 (394x640)

begin assembling on wood piece, start with floral piece in upper left corner…

eerily enchanted - cover directs - asm1 (485x640)

then use pop dots to adhere section at right; it should fit at bottom right corner – there will be a space at upper right corner that will be covered with embellishments… eerily enchanted - cover directs - asm2 (492x640)

use pop dots to adhere pumpkins at lower left corner…

eerily enchanted - cover directs - asm 3 (469x640)

add “beware” as shown…

eerily enchanted - cover directs - asm 4 (480x640)

add embellishments at upper right corner:  lime chiffon rose, 2 pieces of black lace, pearl cluster and halloween baker’s twine…

eerily enchanted - cu19 (640x426)

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