happy mother’s day…

i hope all you moms out there had a delightful mother’s day! i know i did!

rob and the kids took me for dim sum sunday morning, and we went to my parents house for dinner later. i wish i could say the WHOLE day was restful, but drew has a school project that is due tomorrow, and we had to work on that some during the afternoon. both chris and drew made me cards and drew me a picture. ..

here’s chris’ picture…

that’s chris and me, and there’s a squirrel in the tree. i like how he noted that the flower was a rose! and note the use of LIME green! LOL!

and here’s drew’s drawing…

drew is REALLY starting to show his artistic side. i was amazed by his rose, i thought it was beautiful! there may be some summer art lessons in his future.

i had my mom & me class the day before mother’s day, and the kids all did a FABULOUS job on their projects – and altered recipe holder with coupons for mom. they all worked really hard, and REALLY fast! i was impressed! here’s some shots of them working and with their finished projects…

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