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ckc day #1

my first day of classes at ckc houston is over! i had been very anxious about these classes, and how they would go, but all was well. instead of picturing them naked or in their underwear – as i’ve heard suggested to calm your nerves – i just mentally pictured them with some of my regular students faces! now if the group had been all men, the naked or underwear thing might have been worth a try! lol!

tinka and laura were great! they each took a side and “worked” the room; showing the samples and helping students with the steps.

i cut everything correctly and didn’t leave out any pieces or parts (at least not yet) and since several gals in both classes used the directions and worked ahead, i guess i did that ok too!

everyone seemed happy with their projects and the class, and the comments i heard were positive.

my early morning class had to compete with early shopping – who wants to take a class when you can shop? but I had 41 in my next class.

after lunch, i took a quik quotes class called “hang it up”. i loved the project, everything was well organized and the instuctor was wonderful as well.

laura took a card class while tinka and i shopped and made about a dozen really cute cards.

i managed to spend MUCH more of things for classes than i did on things for myself.

laura has one more class so i’m blogging and tinka is napping until she gets back and then we’ll head to dinner and then to the ckc crop.

i hope things go just as well or better tomorrow!




monday’s classes…

OMGoodness! we had such a GREAT day of classes yesterday! the turnout was UN-BE-LIEVABLE!

but i don’t know why i’m blogging about it instead of being IN BED where i should be! LOL! it was a whirlwind of classes and i think i’m still a little wound up. it was a VERY long day, but a very fun and productive day as well. i think a LOT of people got a WHOLE lot of layouts done.

i taught all 3 of my regular monday classes on the same day {usually they are taught on 2 different mondays}, and i had LOTS of gals who came and played and scrapped the whole entire day.

it was karen, lori and carolyn’s birthdays, so we had decided last month to do the classes all on the same day and do a pot luck lunch in between the morning and afternoon classes. the food was WONDERFUL {and so were the mimimosas!}

a few of the attendees liked the whole day of classes and asked about making it an annual event, i think that might be a good idea – but only annually – as in ONCE a year – i don’t think i could make it if it was more often than that. i’m WORN out! everyone picked my brain so much, i don’t think there is anything left! i may not be able to select colors for any projects for days! LOL!

i would like to thank those of you who come to my classes on a regular or semi-regular basis – i appreciate your support. i would also like to pass along a BIG thank you to those of you who recommend the class to others and or bring along your friends. the classes are all REALLY growing – especially photofull – we had 29 people in class tonight! that is the LARGEST class EVER! i had to count chairs to make sure there was enough room. that is just AMAZING! thanks to carrie and jenny too who i know talk up my classes to customers; it’s obvious the word is getting around.

i have been thinking about a few changes, and i mentioned one of the changes to the class today. sketch & crop, my morning class, has been going on for about 2 1/2 years. it has grown and changed during that time, and it may be time for a facelift. i am thinking of renaming the class SIMPLE SKETCHES, and having it more along the lines of my money $aving $ketches class – where you make 2 – 2 page layouts from one set of supplies. the layouts would be clean and simple – but by no means boring. i know Simple Scrapbooks magazine had quite a following of people who loved their clean and classic layouts, and since they closed, there isn’t much out there that addresses that style.

another thing i’ve been debating – especially NOW when photo-full is almost to capacity – is adding a second photo-full class, to be offerend in the afternoon. it would be taught the same day as money $aving $ketches. so those of you who would like to come to photo-full, but can’t make it in the evenings, would have an alternate time to take the class. it would be the exact same class as the evening one – same project each month – but it would be offered in the afternoon on the 3rd monday of each month. photo-full is currently only being offered in the evening on the first monday of the month.

i want EVERYONE who attends one of my classes to feel that they are getting enough of my personal attention. i worry about that being the case when the classes get to large. so i think if i try offering photo-full twice a month, that may work to solve that. it’s always iffy splitting up a class, you have to have enough people attending EACH one to make it worthwhile.

i’d like to implement any changes on the september calendar – which means i need your input — QUICK! i have to have the details of my september calendar in by the end of july.

so — if you currently attend one of these classes, or have thought about attending, i’d love to hear from you. you can e-mail me {just click on the “contact me” button at the top of the page} or just add your comments to this post.

the count today for my classes was 58! which is the MOST classes i’ve ever taught in one day, so TWO “records” set today for classes. thanks again to all of you who come, learn, have fun, and most of all – get layouts DONE! i truly appreciate each and everyone of you!



ckc houston…

i am wrapping up all the prep for my 2 classes at CKC Houston

thanks to lori and tinka for their help in getting things ready! i’ve got all the class kits bagged up,  all the supplies are lined up {well almost}, and i’m trying to finish all the last minute little details.

i’ve had months to get ready – and it seems like it has TAKEN months to get ready, but it’s finally almost here! we leave thursday morning for houston; we’ll stop and shop along the way. then friday morning – bright and early – i’ll have my first class!

there were a lot of great classes offered and i couldn’t resist signing up for a few, and tinka, laura and i also signed up for the friday nite CKC crop so we could get a little scrapp’n in.

registration has closed, but you can still sign up for classes and crops once you get to CKC, so you might want to check out what’s offered. my friend charlotte always takes the QUICK QUOTES classes and says they are always great! she likes the SEI classes too, and i’ve enjoyed the one’s of theirs that i have taken.

the classes i’ll be teaching are:


in this class you’ll get to make 2 – 2 page layout. each has a different technique to get MORE photos on your pages. the techniques are easy to learn and to do, so you’ll be able to incorporate them into your own layouts as well.

the “LIFE IS GOOD” MINI ALBUM is my other class…

you’ll get 3 sets of stickers and 1 set of cardstock stickers, a $13.00 value, to use to complete your mini book. this book features papers and embellishments from Reminisce’s Unwritten line. the colors are vintage-bright, and will compliment the photos you use in your book.

i hope to see some of you in houston; i’m looking forward to it!


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monday classes…

this monday, july 12th, i’ll have a TRI-fecta of classes! due to the 4th of july holiday and the CKC convention prep, all 3 of my regular monday classes will be held on the same day.

SKETCH & CROP will be first, from 10:00 to 12:30. in this class i’ll provide you with the sketch and you’ll make a 2 page layout using it. here’s a little peek at the layout…

then MONEY $AVING $KETCHES will be from 2:00 to 4:00. i provide you with TWO sketches for this class, you’ll make 1 – 2 page layout then use the leftover supplies from that layout to create another 2 page layout. this class is ALL about learning how to really STRETCH your scrapbook supplies to get the most bang for you $$$.

here’s a snippet of one of the layouts…

THEN, from 6:30 to 8:30 it is time for PHOTO-FULL. if you have STACKS of photos that you have been putting off scrapping because you have TOO many photos of the event – Christmas, birthdays, easter, weddings, etc. then you NEED to come to this class. in each class, i’ll prepare a layout for you to copy using papers of your choice that will give you LOTS of space for your photos. each 2 page layout will hold at least 15 or MORE photos – and most of the photos will be LARGE – not cropped down to teeny-tiny. you’ll learn to use flips, folds and pullouts to add MORE space for YOUR photos. and this month’s Photo-full class is a BIGGIE, i got 32 photos on my 2 page layout!

here’s a sneak at the layout…

you will need to bring your own papers or plan to purchase some at Scrapbook 911 for the SKETCH & CROP and MONEY $AVING $KETCHES class, but supplies are INCLUDED for the PHOTO-FULL class.

also, at the last month’s sketch and crop, the ladies suggested that we do a pot luck lunch since several of them planned to stay for 2 or all 3 of the classes. so if you are coming to either or both of the morning classes and would like to, please bring a covered dish and plan to eat with us from 12:30 to 2:00. but PLEASE do NOT feel like you have to bring something! you’ll be welcome to eat with us whether or not you brought a dish or not!

i hope to see you at one of these classes, it should be a very fun and productive day; a chance to get a LOT of layouts DONE!


cancelled classes…

i am sorry to say that i’ve had to cancel both of my kids classes this week: MOM & ME PJ CROP, thurday, July 8 and MOM & ME – card class, saturday, july 10.  only one person had signed up for either of these classes.

there was some confusion this month on both the paper and web calendars for SCRAPBOOK 911 concerning these 2 classes, and i don’t think the word got out in time about them.

i DO want to be sure that the word gets out that they are cancelled! i don’t want any disappointed kids!

the PJ crop last month was VERY well attended and all the kids seemed to be having a great time. the comment cards were all very positive as well. so i’m hoping that the crop in August will NOT have to be cancelled. it is scheduled for august 5, from 5-9.

we’ll be making a shadowbox for grandparent’s day {grandparent’s day is sept 12} in the august mom & me class, which is scheduled for august 21.

as of right now, the july MOM & ME “our day out” class is still on the calendar for july 20.  in the “our day out” classes, BOTH you and your child get to make your OWN project for ONE low price! this month, the kids will be making an altered composition book and you’ll be making a 2 page summer themed layout.  if you are interested PLEASE sign up quick so i won’t have to cancel it as well.

Here are the links to the MOM & ME classes for July and August that ARE still scheduled!

MOM & ME : “our day out” – tuesday, july 20 – 10:30 to 12:30

MOM & ME PAJAMA CROP: thursday, august 5 – 5:00 to 9:00

MOM & ME: grandparent’s shadowbox – saturday, august 21 – 10:30 to 12:30

{link still shows card class, will be updated with pic of shadowbox project soon!}

MOM & ME “our day out”: tuesday, august 17 – 10:30 to 12:30

{project pending… if july’s class has to be cancelled, the july project will be reoffered for august}

thanks to all of you who come and enjoy the MOM & ME classes with your kids and grandkids! the summer has been a little rough with everyone’s busy schedules for vacation, sports and VBS. hopefully, things will be back to “normal” when school starts up again!