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class info and new kits!

for those of you who came to last weeks “regular” monday classes… i hope you are ready to do it all again THIS monday – november 1!

since i needed to reschedule my october classes, i moved them to the end of the month, which was fine, but i hadn’t realized that meant they would end up being back to back with my NOVEMBER first monday classes!

so — i hope you are geared up and ready for SIMPLE SKETCHES and PHOTOFULL!
also, one of my “regulars” pointed out that somehow SIMPLE SKETCHES was listed TWICE on the november calendar. the NOVEMBER 1 date IS correct, the NOVEMBER 29 date is NOT!

monday, november 15 i’ll be teaching MONEY $AVING $KETCHES from 10:00 to 1:00 and PHOTOFULL RERUN from 2:00 to 4:00. PHOTOFULL RERUN is just that – a RERUN of the night class for that month. so if you miss the evening class, or the afternoon just works better for you, come to the RERUN class. it is IDENTICAL to the evening class for that month – so you don’t need to come to both!

and my MOM & ME class will be on saturday, november 13 from 10:30 to 12:30 — we’ll be making a blessings jar and a gratitude journal set.

i’ll also be hosting the crop on friday, november 19 – so if you have any of my class kits that you haven’t gotten around to doing, plan to come and bring them along! i’ll be glad to help you with them, or any other projects or layouts you have!

and just in case you missed the announcement – DON’T panic when you don’t see any of my regular classes listed for december! i’m taking the month off! but i’ve already begun scheduling classes for 2011, so look for all my regular classes to start up again in january.

now — on to kits! i have 2 brand new kits that are designed with the THANKSGIVING season in mind…

first is a wall decor project that holds a family photo…

the cost is $24.99 and the kit includes step by step directions with color photos. this project could be displayed during fall or year round depending on your decor. the Thanksgiving holiday is not specifically mentioned in this piece. this kit is already out and ready for purchase at Scrapbook 911.

then, i have a 2 page Thanksgiving layout kit…

the cost of this kit is $12.99 and it will be available on monday, november 1.

both kits feature the new GIVING THANKS line by Teresa Collins. AND — both kits are very limited, so please stop by Scrapbook 911 and snag one if you are interested. 

well, that’s it for now!



updates… classes and more…

well, i’m trying to get back to normal, i think that will take quite awhile though…

i will be taking most of the month of december off, so i won’t have but a few classes that were already in the works. i’m hoping most of you won’t miss my “regular” monthly classes too much as there is SO much going on anyway. but i do hope you will understand and be ready to pick right back up in january!

i am also extending my “back issue” sale until november 15th. if i already have your order, i am working on it! if you haven’t yet ordered and want to, please let me know – either by e-mail or at one of my classes. i do have a book for each class with past classes in them, so you can see what you missed and might like to have. each “back issue” is only $4.00 – i have directions for photofull, money $aving sketches and sketch and crop {now simple sketches}. my apologies to those of you who have been waiting on your order. i WILL be getting them to you as soon as i can! i have your e-mail or phone number, so i will be letting you know when they are ready.

i also will be putting out 2 kits at SCRAPBOOK 911 this saturday…

first up is SPOOKY; which is a “cheap frills” kit and sells for just 9.99…

and then, for Christmas, i have a new kit that uses the NOEL line by Teresa Collins, it is 12.99…

i also have 2 classes scheduled for saturday; mom & me – halloween mini album

 and countdown to Christmas

i was able to add 3 more slots to my countdown to Christmas class, but i think there was only 1 spot left as of today in either of these classes. so please call ASAP to sign up if you are interested.

i’ll have a few more updates and “peeks” of some upcoming classes later.

thank ALL of you for your thoughts and encouragement; it is GREATLY appreciated!

p.s.: a BIG thank you to everyone who attended my Bewitched Altered Book class at Stamp Antonio! i hope you all enjoyed the class and were happy with your project! i also hope you get it finished in time for HALLOWEEN! PLEASE don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you have any questions!



those of you who read my blog regularly know i don’t usually post too much in the way of personal infomation, but i felt led to make an exception…

i found out a lot of things about my Dad that i didn’t know, after he passed away. i always thought my Dad was special, but i didn’t know how many others felt the same way. Dad did a lot of things for others that i never knew about, he was always there for me, but he was just as steadfast and loyal to his friends as well.

many stood up during his memorial to relate how Dad had touched their lives. i don’t know why i was surprised to hear about all the many wonderful things he did. it was Dad’s way to do things quietly, he wasn’t in it for the credit.

one of the things i learned about Dad was what was on his “to do” list on his computer. some of you may use outlook, or some other type of calendar program to keep track of your busy lives — all the THINGS you need to accomplish, appointments, meetings, etc. Dad kept a “to do” list as well, but it wasn’t full of THINGS to do, it was full of PEOPLE to pray for. he kept a LONG list of family and friends, all with specific prayer needs; problems or concerns they had, health problems, family problems, etc. my Mom was at the top of his list, he prayed for her everyday.

Dad was famous for his e-mails, he sent TONS of them. some were jokes or poems or info that had been forwarded to him, but there were always prayer request e-mails mixed in with it all. prayer was something that my Dad took seriously, i always knew he prayed for us, and for his friends, but i never realized just how much he made it a priority until i saw that “to do” list on his computer.

the last e-mail i received from Dad was sent less than a half hour before his death. the last e-mail he sent was a prayer request for my brother. he probably had bills that needed to be paid, or companies he needed to contact for this or that, but instead, he was working on his “to do” list of people, praying for them, and asking others for their prayers as well.

and what a thought that is, how special is that, how loved would you feel to know that YOU were on someone’s “to do” list. that YOU and YOUR needs and concerns were important to them. so much so that they took the time to write them down, and to pray for YOU and YOUR needs everyday. 

what a beautiful life lesson… put PEOPLE on your “to do” list instead of THINGS!

my Dad truly did teach us by his example, he had his proirities in life straight – PEOPLE were what was important, not things. and because he lived his life by that standard, his last task was a prayer request.

my Dad was a GREAT man…