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Reminisce Celebration Series — part 2

time for the second part of the Reminisce Celebration Series posts! if you missed the first post, just scroll down!

the second party set i made featured the BACKYARD BASH portion of the line. this party set is themed as a “BBQ Cook-off Block Party”…

the set includes an invitation, name cards, chef’s hat and award ribbons. i LOVED the BIG stickers – the BBQ, ketchup and mustard bottles – and really wanted to feature them – so i thought they would make cute award ribbons for a BBQ cookoff. {ps: thanks to charlotte for the chef’s hat idea!} 

the colors and graphics in this line are VERY bright and BOLD! it would be great for tailgate, family bbq’s, picnics or family reunion layouts or paper crafting projects.

a layout using the CELTIC PRIDE line is still coming up!




Reminsce Celebration Series…

REMINISCE has released lots of new lines for CHA, and one of my favorites is the REMINISCE CELEBRATION SERIES.

The Celebration Series is ALL about the PaRtY! the themes are: fiesta, casino, luau, backyard bash, western and hollywood.

i was asked to design projects using 2 of the lines — BACKYARD BASH and HOLLYWOOD. i’m like to share the HOLLYWOOD project with you today…

 the set includes an invitation, with a popcorn pocket that holds 2 pullout filmstrips with the party info, a “marquee” sign as a centerpiece, a placecard, with a working “clapper, a twirl of filmstrip and a few shooting stars and lastly, as a favor, a movie log to keep track of which movies they’ve seen and their critiques.

my hubbie is a film buff, he’s always off to view some random,foreign,  indie, or critically acclaimed {ie: BORING – LOL!} movie at alamo drafthouse. he even goes to a filmfest up in austin that lasts almost TWO weeks each year. so i think this year, maybe he should have a film fest of his own – i’ve even named it for him — Rob’s Reels Flick Fest, a moinker, along with the “fru-fru” trim on the log and placecard, that i don’t think he’s isn’t too fond of!

this line would be FABULOUS for oscar parties, prom party, or a teen birthday party too. the colors are very dramatic and very glam – perfect for any of YOUR red carpet events!

i’ll be posting the BACKYARD BASH project as well as a layout done with the CELTIC PRIDE line later, so please check back!



and the gifts just keep on coming!

today is the ABSOLUTE LAST day to be entered to win some of the BRAND, SPANKING  NEW Reminisce lines!

all you have to do to get entered is to go to the REMINISCE BLOG and post a comment about any of the new lines – just comment on the ones you like – like ALL OF THEM! LOL!

if you’d like to, tell them that i sent you – i’d like to see how many of you listen to me! LOL!

be sure to go by RIGHT NOW, don’t put it off – don’t miss out! and good luck!

P.S.: this is my third post TODAY, so scroll down and check out the other 2; there is a Clearsnap giveaway going on and i need some HELP too!

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Clearsnap “700” contest!

YIPPEE!! hAppY daNcE!

Clearsnap REACHED 500 FACEBOOK FANS! they have awarded the 2 prizes they had offered for if and when they reached that many! so head on over to the CLEARSNAP FACEBOOK PAGE to see if you won!

and if you missed out on that, don’t worry, NOW they are trying to reach 700 before CHA is over – so you can STILL get in on some prizes! they are offering 2 more prize packs when they reach their goal of 700 fans!

so be sure to become a fan, and leave a note on the wall telling them that i sent you. PLUS, tell YOUR friends, and have them post that YOU sent them, and you’ll get MORE chances to win!

{and no, i’m not eligible to win the prize pack, i just want them to know that i was BUSY trying to get them more FANS! LOL!}

good luck and spread the word!

and please be sure to check out the Clearsnap Blog too, there are some great projects featured, today’s project is a quick and easy card from me.

AND — PLEASE check out the post below this and see if you can help me out!




i am absolutely, POSITIVELY, TERRIFIED to pick out a countertop for my studio! seriously – paralyzed with FEAR!

i have 2 very real reasons for my terror…

first – i’ve been waiting, anticipating, saving for and dreaming about this project for THREE WHOLE YEARS!

and b ;) when i redid my bathroom, i had one plan in mind – paint color, cabinets, countertops, tile, shower glass, and general mood – think brick walls, black traditional cabinets, white countertops, that tiny octogonal white tiles, rain style shower glass – sorta old hollywood glam. i ended up with malted milk walls, dark brown transitional cabinets {a last minute change of mind at the store while placing my order}, clear shower glass and tile that i only had a day to pick out – sorta a grey, pinkish brown limestone looking tile. the only part of my vision that stayed was that the cultured marble is pretty much white – veined with some ivory and quartz lines.

—and i LOVE it! all the individual parts and pieces came together BEAUTIFULLY!

as a designer, i want all the pieces IN PLACE, and i want to see what i like best – but in REAL life – you don’t get to see everything in place, you get to see samples! relatively small, minute, tiny snippets of what your room “might” look like.

my worry is that i just got lucky in the bathroom and i’ll HATE the studio! so far, i am loving the cabinets – both style and color, and i’m really happy with the wall color that mom and i put up – but NOW, it’s onto the FINAL choice — COUNTERTOPS! it’s the make or break part of the process. they can either pull the whole room together, or it can absolutely RUIN it! i’m just one wrong move from HATING my brand new studio, having to walk into it everyday and wonder “what on earth made me chose THAT???!!!” and i just can’t take the pressure. i find myself RUNNING back towards white. i know i won’t hate that, i might not love it, i might not like trying to keep it clean, but i certainly won’t hate it!

the metal formica that i thought i might like just looks grey…

so instead of that sleek touch of metal that i thought it would bring, it just looks BLAH!

and then, we have the quartz/granite wanna-be’s…

i think they look okay – but i REALLY wanted this space to look like a craft room, not a kitchen! so i’m a little worried about choicing these. plus, i really LIKE formica, that’s why i wanted to use it – it’s SO durable, and SO cleanable! so i don’t want it to look like i wanted granite, but couldn’t afford it, so got a formica look-a-like!

then, there is the one i’m leaning towards, it’s called oxide and it looks like oxidized metal…

 i think it blends with the wall and cabininet colors…

AND the floor color nicely…

 and i DO like how a small patch of it looks, but the question is “will i like a WHOLE room of it?” the countertop runs around 3 WHOLE walls!

i decided to toss out black as it didn’t go with the floor, i have a stained concrete floor, it’s a reddish brown, and i thought the black just didn’t go at all. which is too bad because it was another “safe” option to go with instead of white!

so PLEASE chime in, give me your feedback or comments. some of your own remodeling advice or color choices {or color choice dilemas}, ANYTHING!

i am supposed to make my selection by tomorrow! although i don’t absolutely, positively have to!

Clearsnap CHA Giveaway!

CLEARSNAP is wanting to reach 500 facebook fans before CHA and they are REAL close!

head over to their facebook page and become a fan for a chance to win some brand new goodies! i’ve seen some if the new products and you are gonna want them!

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But be QUICK, CHA is starting on the 28th!

you’ll also want to check out the CLEARSNAP BLOG, there is a gorgeous project from Donna Salazar as well as some new Valentine’s projects (including a few from me:)!

so click on the link for the Clearsnap Blog in my sidebar, check out the projects, then follow the link on the blog to the facebook page.

Good Luck!

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crazy in love…

NO – not me, it’s a new line by REMINISCE! well, i guess i’m still “crazy in love” too! my dh, rob, has been EXTRA patient with me lately and all my assignments and deadlines!

i did a sample layout using the new line for SCRAPBOOK 911

i LOVE using black and white to set off colors – so those were the 2 accent colors i automatically reached for to design this layout. i think it makes the colors all looks so clean and CRISP!

i also like adding doodling, so there are some fun pen accents added in for good measure.

the trio of photo mats at the right were inspired by those photo booth strips, i thought it would be fun to make your own strip of lovey-dovey or goofy photos {depending on you and your hunny-bunny} to put there. this would also be a great layout to do with photos of your kids, and they probably wouldn’t mind hamming it up or making faces at the camera for photos to use there.

there are only 3 papers in the collection, but they are double sided so you get 6 designs total! i love when there are great designs on the fronts AND the backs of papers – then you can mix and match and use the WHOLE piece! the embellies for this line are great too! you can view the entire CRAZY IN LOVE collection  – HERE!

i’ve got more samples to share this week, so please stop back by, i know it’s been awhile since i’ve posted PROJECTS! but i’ll try to do better :)


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REMINISCE released ONE MORE new line…

this Easter line is ADORABLE!!! the bunnies and chickies are SO CUTE!

you can  HOP on over to the REMINISCE BLOG to take a peep, i mean cheep, i mean PEEK at this new line as well as samples made using it.

while there, be SURE to post a comment about the line to be entered to win a prize pack GIVEAWAY!



studio news…

my studio project is back on the move; after an unexpected hiatus. there were a few design flaws that weren’t “visible” until after the installation had started. there were some cabinet doors banging into each other and not opening completely in the corners and a BIG problem with a planned corner desk – i couldn’t reach the upper cabinets without a ladder!

so sections of the room had to be reworked and new parts ordered! great! more time and more $$$! but the problem areas were fixed and the installer finished putting all the cabinets in their place today. YIPEE!

i can now set up an appointment to get the countertops measured and ordered. now if i can just decide on a color for them. i was ALL set to order this cute pattern called microdot in white…

but then, my crafty friend laura pointed out that the cute texture would probably collect “crud” and make it harder to clean, and white! why she was practically HORRIFIED that i was thinking white! LOL! white countertops in a craft room? what was i thinking?

i was thinking that the nice bright white would POP off the lime walls and look nice and crisp against the natural maple cabinets. but maybe white isn’t such a good idea…

so then i was thinking about black…

or maybe a grey or metallic…

and then i found one i REALLY like, but back to possible “crud” in the dots…

so, these are just a FEW of the hundreds of options and i’m afraid to pick one for fear that i’ll see something i REALLY like after i’ve already ordered them. but i’m leaning towards black or a metallic. of course price may narrow my choice, the metal-looks may be out of my price range.

here are some pics of the office with all the cabinets installed, i was surprised that it was still roomy, maybe i DO have room for an island!

just a few more weeks and i can move in! well a few more weeks and a LOT of work getting all my junque organized and READY to move in!