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upcoming classes…

i’d gotten a few questions about the 2 classes that i’m teaching at the retreat on december 4th, so i thought i’d provide a little more info…

no — you don’t have to attend the retreat in order to attend one or both of the classes, although preference is given to those who are attending the retreat in the event that the classes fill up.

the retreat and classes will be held at the downtown Doubletree Hotel at 502 W. Durango. you can contact jane, by email: jane@thescrapbookingfactory.com or phone: 210-857-8697, to sign up for the classes, retreat or both.

the “dates to remember” class will be taught from 2:00 to 3:00 and the “santa Christmas banner” will run from 3:30 to 6:00 and the cost for either class is $20.00.

if you can’t make the class {or classes} but want to get a kit, just contact jane and let her know that.

i only have 12 kits available for each of the classes, so please contact her soon if you are interested.

there is also still space available in the class that i’m teaching at Scrapbook Cottage as well.

AND — if you don’t know what classes i’m talking about, just jump down to THIS POST to see pics of all 3 projects i’ll be teaching saturday.

thanks for your interest!



2011 calendar kits…

i have been putting together calendar kits at Scrapbook 911 for several years now, and usually have them done by october. obviously, it’s a LITTLE later than that now!

but, i decided to go ahead and put a few kits together anyway. so for those of you who have procrastinated and not started working on a 2011 calendar yet – you’re in LUCK! 

and since we are now entering the busiest time of year for most of us, i’ve made the kit quick and easy to put together as well. in fact, it’s so easy a child can do it! so this is a perfect project to get the whole family involved in. almost everything is precut, so you just need to put it together in a few easy steps. each kit comes with complete directions and color photos. all you’ll need to add to the kit are your photos.

the calendar itself has large blocks so you can jot down info on each day, in addition to a “notes” section at the end of each month. there is also a LARGE pocket so you can tuck appointment cards, coupons and anything else you need to keep handy for the month.

this calendar would make a great gift for that hard to shop for person on your list.  the price of the kit is only 24.99 and includes the file folders, calendar pages, papers, embellishments, rings and ribbon hanger.

since i’m putting the calendar out SO late this year though, i only made a few kits, so quantites are limited, so get ’em while you can!

here are some pics of the calendar…

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upcoming classes…

as some of you know; i’ll be taking MOST of december off…

i WILL be teaching 3 classes, all on the same day – DECEMBER 4, but at 2 separate locations! busy day! LOL!

first, in the morning from 10:30 to 12:30, i’ll be at SCRAPBOOK COTTAGE teaching a 2 page “flip” layout – part of my PHOTOFULL series using the new Gingerbread Lane papers by Reminisce…

this layout may LOOK like a typical 2 page layout – but it’s NOT! there is actually room for about 25 LARGE size photos on this layout thanks to some special flips i’ve added. and the pages will slip right into your regular page protectors, but will still allow you to view ALL your photos! it’s like getting a 6 page layout! everything is precut and the ribbons and trims {except for the title} are included. and you’ll not only get a layout all ready and done for your Christmas photos, but you’ll also learn some techniques that you can use on pages YOU design. and ALL for only $15!

please call SCRAPBOOK COTTAGE at 210-494-4441 for more info or if you are interested in signing up for this class.

then, i’ll be teaching 2 classes in the afternoon at a scrapbooking retreat put on by Jane at the SCRAPBOOKING FACTORY.

the first project is “dates to remember” planner

this project is perfect for yourself OR to give as a gift! {or make 2 and give one AND keep one!}

then, the next project is “santa Christmas banner”; a vintage-inspired decor piece to display a few of your photos from Christmas’ past…

the cost of the 3 day retreat – during which you can come and go ANYTIME from 3 o’clock on friday, december 3 to until 5 o’clock december 5 is only $35.00! this retreat is being held at the Double Tree hotel in downtown San Antonio {the locations of Jane’s retreats vary from month to month}. and there is also a special room package available if you wish to make a getaway out of the retreat and stay a night or the weekend at the hotel. you can see the details and sign up for the retreat HERE.

the $35.00 for the retreat does not include the cost of the classes, so please contact Jane for more details about class cost or to sign up.

and if you are not in or around the san antonio area, but are interested in any of these classes, please contact ME! i might be able to get you a kit.

and I don’t know what is going on with the Scrapbook 911 web calendar, although i’ve given them this correction twice, and the class has been removed from the calendar twice — their web calendar is once again showing that I have a class scheduled on november 29. i DO not, repeat, DO NOT have a class scheduled that day! so please spread the word! i don’t want anyone to show up and be disappointed!



alright, go ahead and get out your kleenex, i’ve got my box right here…

i knew this thanksgiving was going to be difficult since it is so soon after the unexpected passing of my Dad, and the past month or so has been very tough. the days have seemed to fly by since 9/25/2010, but at the same time, it seems like that day was ages ago. i’m not sure how time can seem to move so fast, yet so slow at the same time.

dealing with loss of my Dad, while trying to keep on top of everything else has kept me feeling perpetually exhausted. there always seems to be just ONE more thing {or maybe TWO or THREE!} that needs to be done when i’m ready to stop {really DROP} for the day. i just want to STOP and do NOTHING! but, i guess in life, that isn’t a real possibility.

i also had the recent theft of my blog supplies to deal with; which left me feeling very depressed and upset – not to mention guilty since they were not really “my” supplies.

but, out of these events – one devestating and one much less so, i have been very fortunate to receive a tremendous amount of friendship, love and support from friends and acquaintances. i was very grateful for the friends who attended Dad’s funeral to lend their support to me and my family during that very difficult time. and the number of thoughtful cards and donations made in my Dad’s memory made me feel very cared for. it was comforting to know that my family was being included in so many thoughts and prayers. those considerate gestures were very much appreciated and very much needed.

i am grateful also for the concern that was shown for the loss of my supplies and i have received some unexpected generosities as well. several of my friends gave me a card with a monetary gift tucked inside – to help pay for replacing some of the lost supplies. others have given me items from their own stock and stashes. and today, when i opened a box from My Sentiments Exactly, instead of finding just the stamp sets i’d requested as replacements – i found almost a whole CATALOG full of stamps!

how blessed am i to have friends like this! these acts of kindness and generosity help pull me out of the doldrums and give me some much needed LIFT!

and so, tomorrow, when we sit around my Mom’s dinner table, we will all miss the presence of my Dad. he won’t be there to make that last minute trip {or trips!} to the grocery store for the forgotten item, he won’t be there to help pull the turkey out of the oven, and he won’t be there to eat HALF the pie! but he will be there in spirit. and hopefully, we can all remember and concentrate on the good times we had, and share some laughter over stories and memories of him.

i hope you all have a VERY blessed Thanksgiving, and take the time to count all of the marvlous blessings that you have…

new post on STAMP OUT LOUD…

after an unplanned hiatus on my STAMP OUT LOUD blog for Clearsnap {due to the theft of my supplies!} i’ve finally added a new post!

the project is quick, easy and kid friendly too, the link to my Clearsnap blog is in the sidebar. WordPress seems to be having some challenges tonight and is not letting me embed links!

please stop by and visit me at STAMP OUT LOUD and comments are ALWAYS welcome!


new lines from reminisce…

if you have a toddler, you may want to start saving up your scrapbooking $$$…

REMINISCE has just released not 1, not 2, not even 3 but FOUR, count ’em FOUR super cute, super adorable lines that are just PERFECT for your little ones! not that they couldn’t be used for older kids too, but there is just NOT much out there in the way of scrapbooking lines for ages 2-5. so to get FOUR new lines all cuddly and cute like your kiddos is SUPER cool!

here’s a sneak peek at the new lines, click on the links for a full view:

CUTOPIA: which is just like it sounds – CUTE! think hearts, flowers, rainbows and unicorns, super girly and super fun!

SNOW BUDDIES: sweet little snowmen and polar bears in colorful scarves and hats frolicking among snowflakes! there is even a build your own snowman on the 12 X 12 sticker sheet!

SUPER HEROES: fluffly little animals in capes! pigs, pandas and more flying to the rescue! and they come complete with all the superhero “noises” too! ZAP! POW! SPLAT! i’m sure you have photos of your little superhero tucked away somewhere that need to be scrapped!

 and last but not least, SPACE  BUDDIES: more cuddly, little cuties jetting off into space; rockets, spaceships and stars – oh my! 

 i was asked to create a layout and a project using the SPACE BUDDIES line, here’s what i did…

my Dad and chris made this “space suit” out of a box, he was so proud to show off not only the suit, but all the “special features” as well! this line worked perfectly to capture that moment. there are lots of colors in the line, which make it easy to work with too.

for my project, i made a birthday set…

the set includes an invite, hat and placecard. the placecard has lollipop planets made by just putting the planet stickers from the 12 X 12 sticker sheet over plain lollipops!

if you’d like to see what the dt gals did with the other lines, just head on over to the REMINISCE BLOG! comments are always appreciated!


if i’m dreaming…

PLEASE… whatever you do — DON’T pinch me! i don’t want to wake up! LOL!

i submitted to the Teresa Collins design team call a few weeks ago…

i love Teresa Collins’ lines, the slightly shabby, vintage-inspired designs with crisp, bold, graphics and clean and simple black and white. it’s ME all wrapped up in a paper line! LOL! although i love all things vintage, i find my designs leaning more toward clean and linear, so working with TC papers and embellies are right up my alley. and i love that when i use her products, no matter what i do to them – the finished project comes out looking like it belongs in a boutique. her papers and embellies are like MAGIC, you can’t mess them up! LOL!

anyway, i had done several projects using some of her newest lines, so since i already had things to submit, i decided to give it a whirl.

e-mails were supposed to go out yesterday to the finalists, and i admit, i was a little disappointed – but not really surprised – when i didn’t get an e-mail.

i was poking around the computer this morning and went to read teresa’s blog to see if the finalists had been listed. my pal angela {fellow reminisce dt member} had tried out too and i thought maybe she might have made the cut. imagine my surprise when i found not only angela’s name {GO GIRL!} but mine as well! i had to read the list twice! color me SHOCKED!

of course there were only supposed to be 25 finalists, but as my friend tinka pointed out, there were actually 67! that is SIXTY SEVEN! i have NO idea how many spots there are on the team, but the odds are PRETTY high that MOST of those on that list of 67 are NOT gonna make the FINAL cut. so i am NOT holding my breath to make THAT list {although it would be FABULOUS!}

but i’m just REALLY, REALLY, REALLY happy to be one of the finalists. yesterday, i was a bit down thinking that i didn’t have what it took to be on teresa’s design team – and what was i thinking to even have submitted. but today, i’m happy and feeling validated. it was a MUCH needed pick me up and a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY nice surprise.

here are the 3 projects i submitted, all had previously been posted on my blog…

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thank you for letting me share the news with you…

p.s.: here is a link to teresa collins’ blog with the announcement: DT FINALISTS

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and MORE new kits…

since i’m planning on taking december off {we’ll see how that goes!} i was trying to get things cleaned up and projects finished up so i could start with a clean slate for the new year. i KNOW it’s early to start thinking about 2011, but my philosophy is that once halloween has come and gone, you are on a STEEP, DOWNHILL slide to Christmas and New Years!

i had lots of bits and pieces leftover from classes and projects, so i decided to make MORE kits! i’ll be putting all 3 of these kits out at SCRAPBOOK 911 on monday…

cheap frills… $9.99 kit… “grateful” using papers and embellishments  from Teresa Collins’ Give Thanks line…

{page one of this layout has a pale ivory background that doesn’t show up too well in the scan}

another cheap frills… $9.99 kit… “scarecrow” using papers and embellishments from Bella BLVD’s One Fall Day line…

and, last but not least, “birthday star” using papers and embellishments from Teresa Collins’ Celebrate line…

{the kit is $12.99 and comes in 2 versions, kids and adults; the tags are different. the kid version is shown}

here are the tags that are included in the adult version of the kit…

and, there were still a few of the “blessed house” wall decor kits left; which are nice to display any time of the year and could be a thoughtful gift idea…

if you aren’t in san antonio, Scrapbook 911 does ship. so if you ever see any kits or class projects posted here that you are interested in, just e-mail me, or give SCRAPBOOK 911 a call.

all of the kits, and most of my class projects {except altered books and a few others} include full color photos and complete directions. and the pieces are pretty much all precut too, which means they are quick and easy to put together.

i still have MORE goodies in my “kit” stash, so there may be a few more kits posted before the month is out!


a few photos…

i realized that i hadn’t posted pics of the kiddos in their halloween costumes this year!

well, really – this year it is only ONE kiddo – drew says he is TOO old to dress up – even just to hand out candy. but, he kinda has a costume as we came up with this set up where he could stick his hand up into the candy bowl to scare the kids taking candy! that counts doesn’t it!

chris decided to be a roman soldier this year – i have NO idea where that came from! except that maybe the halloween goblin pointed it out to him as each year he seems to pick a costume that has SOME portion that takes FOREVER to make. i thought i’d have to give up before i finally finished stitching up his helmet this year! and – of course – i couldn’t go the easy route and use felt to make the tunic and “leather” accents – NO, i had to use vinyl so it would look more realistic! great in theory, HARD to sew!

here’s a pic of drew in his COSTUME {?}

and here’s chris – which pose do you like best?


or fierce…


and NO, i did NOT pose him for either photo, that’s ALL on chris! LOL!

here are some pics i took of chris at the pumpkin patch, drew was TOO old this year – again with the “too old”! he’s only 13!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

i was happy that chris got to get double duty out of his costume though. we decided to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival this year and as luck would have it, the theme was ROMAN the weekend we went! and as an added bonus, i convinced drew to wear his king costume from last year {with his jeans and tennis shoes – but oh well}. i wasn’t going to even suggest the crown – but he asked if i knew where it was! GOLDEN!

they wanted to have their pic taken with another attendee, a teen dressed up as link – one of their favorite video game characters and “link” was nice enough to agree…

well, i guess that’s it for now!