alright, go ahead and get out your kleenex, i’ve got my box right here…

i knew this thanksgiving was going to be difficult since it is so soon after the unexpected passing of my Dad, and the past month or so has been very tough. the days have seemed to fly by since 9/25/2010, but at the same time, it seems like that day was ages ago. i’m not sure how time can seem to move so fast, yet so slow at the same time.

dealing with loss of my Dad, while trying to keep on top of everything else has kept me feeling perpetually exhausted. there always seems to be just ONE more thing {or maybe TWO or THREE!} that needs to be done when i’m ready to stop {really DROP} for the day. i just want to STOP and do NOTHING! but, i guess in life, that isn’t a real possibility.

i also had the recent theft of my blog supplies to deal with; which left me feeling very depressed and upset – not to mention guilty since they were not really “my” supplies.

but, out of these events – one devestating and one much less so, i have been very fortunate to receive a tremendous amount of friendship, love and support from friends and acquaintances. i was very grateful for the friends who attended Dad’s funeral to lend their support to me and my family during that very difficult time. and the number of thoughtful cards and donations made in my Dad’s memory made me feel very cared for. it was comforting to know that my family was being included in so many thoughts and prayers. those considerate gestures were very much appreciated and very much needed.

i am grateful also for the concern that was shown for the loss of my supplies and i have received some unexpected generosities as well. several of my friends gave me a card with a monetary gift tucked inside – to help pay for replacing some of the lost supplies. others have given me items from their own stock and stashes. and today, when i opened a box from My Sentiments Exactly, instead of finding just the stamp sets i’d requested as replacements – i found almost a whole CATALOG full of stamps!

how blessed am i to have friends like this! these acts of kindness and generosity help pull me out of the doldrums and give me some much needed LIFT!

and so, tomorrow, when we sit around my Mom’s dinner table, we will all miss the presence of my Dad. he won’t be there to make that last minute trip {or trips!} to the grocery store for the forgotten item, he won’t be there to help pull the turkey out of the oven, and he won’t be there to eat HALF the pie! but he will be there in spirit. and hopefully, we can all remember and concentrate on the good times we had, and share some laughter over stories and memories of him.

i hope you all have a VERY blessed Thanksgiving, and take the time to count all of the marvlous blessings that you have…

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