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tami sanders is a paper crafter that teaches locally and does design work for a few companies…

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i {HEART} the new G45…

since i LOVE all things vintage, i couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new GRAPHIC 45 lines…

they introduced 3 new lines at CHA, but my FAVE is ON THE BOARDWALK! it features people in vintage bathing attire, coney island and bathing beauty “postcards” and other terrific ephemera images in shades of “aged” teals and corals.

i was SO happy when the collections arrived at SCRAPBOOK 911, so i immediately pulled some papers to do a sample layout with. i know some people think that the G45 papers are hard to work with due to trying to work around the images. but i always just start by deciding on which images i want to work with and then i cut them out – come on – it’s not THAT hard to cut out the images – think about paper dolls when you were a little girl. after i’ve got the images i want, i start laying them out on the “small patterned” sides of the papers to see which i want to use as a background. i want the images to POP, so i want them to REALLY contrast with the background papers so they’ll stand out. next, i decide which papers – again from the “small patterned” sides that i want to use as mats.

after i’ve made those choices, i just begin moving the pieces around until i’m happy with the layout. although i DO love all the images, i also want to put PHOTOS on the layouts, so i usually add images around the perimeter collage-style, and leave the center open for mats and photos.

here’s the layout i came up with for ON THE BOARDWALK, i’ve titled it “bathing beauties”… 

i’m sorry it doesn’t have photos on it yet – they’ll go on the large aqua and black patterned mats. i know i have photos of my grandmother and my aunts in bathing suits from the 20’s or 30’s that will be perfect for the layout though.

i didn’t want to bring the layout home to scan it, so i just took a photo, i know it’s not perfect, but you’ll get the idea!

if you would like to make this layout here are the supplies you need:

1 sheet each of the following: Bathing Beauties, By the Beautiful Sea, She Sells Seashells, Seaside Chic, High Style Holiday, Summer Crush, On the Boardwalk, Coney Island and On the Boardwalk Border Sheet.

Here are a few closeup shots of the details:



pennies from heaven…

debby schuh is in town and is teaching at my “home” lss – scrapbook 911 this weekend. she has 3 terrific classes lined up and i was lucky enough to snag a spot in one of her classes last night!

i took her PENNIES FROM HEAVEN class; a blessings journal. the theme “pennies from heaven” is personal favorite of debby’s – you can read about it on her blog. she suggested that we use this book to write down all the blessings and good things that happen to us throughout the year – big or small, so that at the end of the year we could look back and remember ALL the wonderful blessings we had. sometimes, they get lost among all the BAD things that happened! why is that! i thought the idea was wonderful, and had been looking forward to the class for quite awhile.

the class did NOT dissapoint! it was a TERRIFIC class and debby is an AWESOME instructor! everything was SO well prepared and the class ran very smoothly. it was just a nice pleasant paced class that was easy to follow and complete. debby even had step by step samples and a slide show to go along with her instruction. there were also lots of imaginative folding techniques – i LOVE playing with paper! debby told us that when she worked for anna griffin, that was a lot of what she did – just sitting and seeing how many ways she could fold a piece of paper. i like to do that when i’m devloping a new mini album idea – just sit and fold scraps of paper til i find something i like. now i have a NEW level of skill at paper “playing” to aspire to! debby is an EXPERT at taking a simple piece of paper and transforming it with just a few simple folds!

i snapped a few photos during the class – with the flash off of course – as well as a few pics of my project, here’s a small slide show for you:

i would HIGHLY recommend that you take any of debby’s classes if she is ever in your area { i hear she is going to be in houston at BY DESIGN soon! }


get ready to say awwww…..

i just had to brag on my dh, he did REAL good on valentine’s day!

we actually waited to celebrate valentine’s day until Monday, since i had a BIG class {thanks to all who came to my altered book class!} on saturday and rob took my son and 7 of his friends to play lasertag OVERNITE from midnite to 6AM saturday night to celebrate drew’s 13th b-day! we were both a little tuckered out on sunday! LOL!

we went to see Valentine’s Day the movie at alamo drafthouse first, then we went over to north star mall. i haven’t stepped foot in that mall for 5 years, the last time i was there was when i took drew to a build-a-bear field trip in second grade.

i wasn’t sure why we were there, and was even more puzzled when rob stopped at a random bench and sat down. he told me he was giving me $300 to spend HOWEVER i wanted to on WHATEVER i wanted to – but he catch was, i HAD to spend it in THREE hours! if there was any money left after that i had to give it back! he knows that i don’t often shop for myself, even when i head out to shop for me, i usually end up buying things for the kids or him. so he wanted me to shop ONLY for me on whatever i wanted. well, this WAS a challenge! i didn’t even know what shops i wanted to go to since i hadn’t been there in so long. and i have a terrible time shopping, i can try on 20 things and not like ANY of them, so ther pressure was on.

we started at macy’s, i just grabbed anything and everything that i liked – and for once, didn’t really look at the prices – i NEVER buy anything that isn’t on sale, that’s just the way i shop. but there wasn’t time to look for the sales! as usual, i didn’t like any of the dozen or so things i tried on, so i made a second go-around, and found a top and pair of pants i liked. turned out they were both on sale :) ,so i was only $75 down.

next, we went to penny’s, and i managed to find 2 tops i liked – again – they were on sale :) BONUS, so that was about $40.

then i HAD to stop for some sugar, i was getting light headed. all that frantic shopping, and dashing around, yanking clothes off and on – so i quickly gulped down a soda and the clock was ticking and i had about 30 minutes left!

we headed to dillard’s, which is a LONG way down the mall, by the time we got there – we had trouble finding the right floor, and i’d stopped to pick out some PJ’s, i only had 11 minutes left! i wandered through the department, grabbing things as i went, and ran to try them on. i found a dressy top and tank to go with the pants i’d already bought, again – everything happened to be on sale :) – and the total only came to $125, and time was up. so i had to hand over the $60 left over to rob. oh well! even when i’m not trying to shop for things on sale, the sale ends up finding me! LOL!

it was a lot of fun, and i thought – a very thoughtful present! rob did say he got the idea at christmas from a radio host who did it for his staff, but he still gets credit for actually DOING it for me!

afterwards, we had a delicious meal at cheescake factory, i hadn’t been there before.

so now, you can say awww….

new REMINISCE contest!

Reminisce just announced the winners of their last contest, and already they have introduced a brand NEW contest! GET REAL with REAL SPORTS!

in this latest contest from Reminisce, 5 CA$H prizes will be awarded with the top prize for 1st place being a WHOPPING $500.00!!!

so if you have a sporty kid, or a sports fanatic in your house, i would recommend you get CRAFTING!

the REAL SPORTS line by Reminisce, which was a CHA release, should be hitting your LSS or online store soon if it’s not already available. a few lucky winners {PAM S ;) } were lucky to have won the ENTIRE collection on the Reminisce Blog recently, so they should DEFINITELY be entering this contest!

please head over to the Reminisce BLOG for all of the contest details. they are trying to REALLY keep things hopping over there, so make sure you bookmark and check the blog frequently, you can also join them on facebook and twitter.

good luck to all the entrants!


just a few tidbits…

first off, the BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC Reminisce Passports Dream Travel Contest is over and the winners have been announced! head on over to the BLOG to see the winning entries! they are ALL amazing!

i have to send a special SHOUT OUT to one of the winners – LISA HARRIS! if you remember a few months back, Lisa was the winner of my Passports RAK! she used the supplies she received to create her prize-winning entry! isn’t that cool? “Hey Lisa” – what’s my cut of the prize pack YOU’LL get from Reminisce? LOL!

and, just a funny story that was shared with me about one of my CHA projects. there is just a PRIZE PIG mentality that make some people will try to take ANYTHING that isn’t nailed down, and sometimes they’ll even try to pry those things up too! LOL! if you are working a booth at CHA, you REALLY have to be deligent to be sure that only the goodies that are SUPPOSED to be taken are what people are grabbing.

apparently, the candy that the Reminisce staff set out for people to help themselves to was NOT enough for one lady, she had her eye on the marshmallows in my Smores Gift Basket {see below}. YES – she was actually digging into a COMPLETELY sealed and wrapped gift basket! even if she didn’t realize that it was a project that was for DISPLAY purposes {and come on, how could you miss that!}, what made her think that SHE was the one who should rip the thing open? well, i guess that the Pioneer Photo Tape that i’m always recommending did the job, because she couldn’t get the bag of marshmallows open! and the Reminisce staff was able to spot and stop her before she found some scissors or something to finish the job! LOL!

can you believe that? LOL! i guess my display was just TOO TEMPTING!

new Reminisce lines!

this post is a little late – sorry!

Reminisce released 6 brand new lines at CHA: THE GREAT OUTDOORS 2010, LUCKY ME, HAPPY EASTER 2010, GRADUATION CELEBRATION 2010, UNWRITTEN and REAL SPORTS. they also released a line of glitter papers called GLITTER FACTORY!

the GREAT OUTDOORS line will be perfect for all your park, picnic, BBQ, camping, etc. photos. there are a LOT of great embellishments too!

i made a smores gift basket set using the line…

HAPPY EASTER 2010, is done is great “vintage” pastels; i just LOVE the colors in this line, and like all the new releases, there are TONS of new embellishments to complete your project with!

i did a set of candy canisters using this line…

GRADUATION CELEBRATION 2010 is done in black, white and silver with lots of cool paper finishes. i LOVE the peace sign designs that are incorporated in some of the papers and embellies!

 i made a time capsule for a 10 year reunion using this line…

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new UNWRITTEN line! it is just FABULOUS! i love the colors, the designs and most of all – all the COOL embellies for this line!

i used a photos of laura’s girls in this layout {thanks laura}…

if you have any kind of sports photos to scrap, or a sports nut in the house, you HAVE to check out the REAL SPORTS line! this line is ENORMOUS and includes lots of different sports, and each one has LOTS of its own embellies!

i made a magnet board and desk set using soccer papers and embellies…

the design team will be loading their projects in the gallery this week, so you’ll be able to check out their projects REAL soon at REMINISCE! you’ll also want to keep an eye on the REMINISCE BLOG for info on what’s new, what’s up, contests, giveaways and MORE!