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i {HEART} the new G45…

since i LOVE all things vintage, i couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new GRAPHIC 45 lines…

they introduced 3 new lines at CHA, but my FAVE is ON THE BOARDWALK! it features people in vintage bathing attire, coney island and bathing beauty “postcards” and other terrific ephemera images in shades of “aged” teals and corals.

i was SO happy when the collections arrived at SCRAPBOOK 911, so i immediately pulled some papers to do a sample layout with. i know some people think that the G45 papers are hard to work with due to trying to work around the images. but i always just start by deciding on which images i want to work with and then i cut them out – come on – it’s not THAT hard to cut out the images – think about paper dolls when you were a little girl. after i’ve got the images i want, i start laying them out on the “small patterned” sides of the papers to see which i want to use as a background. i want the images to POP, so i want them to REALLY contrast with the background papers so they’ll stand out. next, i decide which papers – again from the “small patterned” sides that i want to use as mats.

after i’ve made those choices, i just begin moving the pieces around until i’m happy with the layout. although i DO love all the images, i also want to put PHOTOS on the layouts, so i usually add images around the perimeter collage-style, and leave the center open for mats and photos.

here’s the layout i came up with for ON THE BOARDWALK, i’ve titled it “bathing beauties”… 

i’m sorry it doesn’t have photos on it yet – they’ll go on the large aqua and black patterned mats. i know i have photos of my grandmother and my aunts in bathing suits from the 20’s or 30’s that will be perfect for the layout though.

i didn’t want to bring the layout home to scan it, so i just took a photo, i know it’s not perfect, but you’ll get the idea!

if you would like to make this layout here are the supplies you need:

1 sheet each of the following: Bathing Beauties, By the Beautiful Sea, She Sells Seashells, Seaside Chic, High Style Holiday, Summer Crush, On the Boardwalk, Coney Island and On the Boardwalk Border Sheet.

Here are a few closeup shots of the details:


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