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pennies from heaven…

debby schuh is in town and is teaching at my “home” lss – scrapbook 911 this weekend. she has 3 terrific classes lined up and i was lucky enough to snag a spot in one of her classes last night!

i took her PENNIES FROM HEAVEN class; a blessings journal. the theme “pennies from heaven” is personal favorite of debby’s – you can read about it on her blog. she suggested that we use this book to write down all the blessings and good things that happen to us throughout the year – big or small, so that at the end of the year we could look back and remember ALL the wonderful blessings we had. sometimes, they get lost among all the BAD things that happened! why is that! i thought the idea was wonderful, and had been looking forward to the class for quite awhile.

the class did NOT dissapoint! it was a TERRIFIC class and debby is an AWESOME instructor! everything was SO well prepared and the class ran very smoothly. it was just a nice pleasant paced class that was easy to follow and complete. debby even had step by step samples and a slide show to go along with her instruction. there were also lots of imaginative folding techniques – i LOVE playing with paper! debby told us that when she worked for anna griffin, that was a lot of what she did – just sitting and seeing how many ways she could fold a piece of paper. i like to do that when i’m devloping a new mini album idea – just sit and fold scraps of paper til i find something i like. now i have a NEW level of skill at paper “playing” to aspire to! debby is an EXPERT at taking a simple piece of paper and transforming it with just a few simple folds!

i snapped a few photos during the class – with the flash off of course – as well as a few pics of my project, here’s a small slide show for you:

i would HIGHLY recommend that you take any of debby’s classes if she is ever in your area { i hear she is going to be in houston at BY DESIGN soon! }

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