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Daisy Bucket has just launched their new division SHABBY GREEN DOOR!

their first line is called FARMER’S MARKET and it is SO fresh and SO fun! it’s perfect for summer layouts – especially those involving FOOD like picnics! it’s also great for recipe cards and books – it reminds me of a county fair!

they’ve got lots of cute embellies too: stamps, rub-ons, stickers, chipboard and bags and jars too. and i think the TWISTS are a unique addition too! i can just see cute little tags tied to jars and such using it.

i am not positive when the line will be hitting stores, but it will be pretty quick!

so head on over to the new site and take a look around.  i know they’ve been working REAL hard on this new launch, so if you like what you see, drop cassandra and the gang an e-mail at info@shabbygreendoor.com, and let them KNOW! i’m sure they’d appreciate it.


happy father’s day!

it’s father’s day… a day set aside to celebrate our dads and all the wonderful things they do for us.

the past few months have been a little rough for our family – with dad finding out that he had cancer, and all the tests, procedures and stress that comes with that diagnosis. hopefully dad will be lucky and the treatment will be successful. he only has 2 more radiation sessions to go, then we have to wait a month or so to find out if he’s all clear. i know he’s had a lot of people praying for him, and that has helped all of us along during this time.

since this has been such a stressful time, i wanted to let dad know how much i cared, but at the same time, i was looking for a way to lighten things up a bit. i think i found a way to do both…

i was at a scrapbook retreat this weekend, and really just wanted to piddle around a bit. i had a lot of things i’d been wanting to try out, but hadn’t had much playtime lately. one of the things i had recently purchased and wanted to play with was a set of fairy stamps – TOTALLY impractical for me – mom of 2 boys. what do i need fairy stamps for? but i REALLY wanted them and figured i could make cards with them. i got them out to work with, and was telling charlotte, tinka and lulu that what i REALLY needed to be making were father’s day cards – NOT fairy cards! LOL! well lulu popped off and said “why don’t you make cards that say have a “FAIRY” happy father’s day” {you know – fairy instead of “very”}. i thought that was an EXCELLENT suggestion – of course i’d only had about 4 hours sleep in a 36 hour period and it was about 3AM, that might have had something to do with it!

so here it is… i give you MY father’s day card…

father's day card

 i’ll write something special on the inside, so i can STILL let my dad know he’s special, but hopefully the card itself will inject a little touch of humor into the day! {i made one for rob too, i didn’t want him to get jealous! LOL!}

i realize that most of you PROBABLY wouldn’t want to make this card for father’s day, but scraplift it for a b-day card or get well card!

happy father’s day!


ribbon storage…

it seems like i’ve been trying to organize my scrapbook stuff FOREVER! i’m convinced that i’ll never actually get around to turning my office into a real scrapbook room — i’m just destined to keep organizing and reorganizing until i’m too old to care! LOL!

i’ve been talking about converting my office to a REAL scrapspace for over a year. i’ve got all the $$$ i need saved up to make that a reality, but i just can’t seem to find the time to get all my ducks in a row and get everything cleared out to actually do it.

right now, my dining room has become the main “depository” for most of my supplies. i keep trying to sort everything into bins, shoeboxes and snapware, but then i’ll need something for a class or project and go tearing through everything to find it. then of course, those supplies go into a tote or something else for me to cart the stuff off in, and then when i’m done with it i DON’T take the time to put it back where it came from, i just park the tote in the dining room! it’s an endless cycle that i’ve got to break. i REALLY need a nice space to work in – one where i can actually lay my hands on what i need without a 2 hour search. and where i’m inspired by being able to SEE my stuff!

so, at any rate, last night i was working on ribbon. one of my “goals” in organizing my supplies is to have “at home” stuff and “away” stuff. i need my “away” stuff to be a nice assortment of supplies packed and organized in containers that i can easily grab and go. most of my “away” stuff has been put in snapware, which seems to be working nicely so far. (remember that post awhile back that showed off all my newly sorted stuff? i’ve managed to keep MOST of them nice and neat!). so – back to the ribbon. for someone with 2 boys, i seem to have an AWFUL lot of ribbon, a whole HUGE tote of it. i’m not sure how i’ll ultimately store it in my scraproom, but i did want it all neatly rolled and in one place. i decided to leave them all on their original rolls, i wasn’t inclined to reroll that much stuff! but then, i had to figure out what to do for my “away” ribbon stash. what could i put that in where it would be neat and visible and stay that way after being carted back and forth. i remembered that i had made a ribbon box awhile back, but hadn’t used it recently. i dug it out to take a look and see if i wanted to use it or get rid of it.

i recalled that it held quite a bit of full size spools, and that i didn’t have much trouble in pulling out what i needed. the ribbons didn’t get tangled too frequently. i tried a few other storage options, but none was as quick and easy to use. so i decided to keep it! i took everything out and then filled it back up again with a nice assortment of colors and patterns.

i decided that it might be nice to post a pic of it, and some general directions for making one of your own… i know there are some ribbon totes out there that hold BOATLOADS of ribbons, but i watched people taking all their ribbons off the roll and reroll them in order to pack the bag – and that’s just not “my bag”! LOL! i also seem to remember some of those same people (and yes, you know who you are!) taking them out of those bags and rerolling their ribbons to store them another way!

so here’s the box that i made…

[rockyou id=139326555&w=426&h=320]

i used an old shoebox that had an attached lid to make my ribbon box. first i covered it with papers, then inked them. i reinforced the hinge on the box with a strip of twill tape. then i used paint and foam letter stamps to add “ribbon” to the top of the box. after that, i just punched holes in the side, i was able to fit about 30 holes in mine. i staggered them, some low, some in the middle and some high, but not really in rows. then i added reinforcements, that matched my paint colors, that i punched out of cardstock. the closures are just those snap like things they have on suspenders. there are 2 parts and you snap them together. i punched holes in the lower part of the side of the box and attached those snaps, then i punched holes in the side of the lid and threaded through ponytail holders (with those metal things that hold them together) that way, i could pull the pony tail holder down and hook it over the snap to hold the lid closed. you might be able to come up with something simpler!  to load the ribbons, i pulled the first spools closest to the holes through the bottom or middle holes, so that the ribbons ran under the spools. the back row of spools go in the higher holes and run where the ribbon goes over the spools. just like TP – do you like it to roll over or under! LOL!

if you make one of your own, be sure to send pics so i can see what YOU made!

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what’s for dinner?

i hadn’t posted in a few days, and i haven’t had a chance to finish the project i wanted to post — but i wanted to post SOMETHING! i’ve been doing SO good lately at keeping my blog fairly current. so tonite, i welcome you to the food “t.v.” show – {tami’s vittles!}

but first, a little background…

one of the best presents my mom ever gave me was her copy of the Fanny Farmer cookbook. she had written my name at the top of the cover page LONG before she actually gave me the book. i remember her using it often, and she had taped and written several of her favorite recipes in it. one of my favorites was her recipe for “goop”, a kind of homemade play-dough, we made TONS of that when i was growing up. another favorite was her pizza dough recipe, i remember her making a lot of pizzas for us too!

now i have to admit that in my old age here, i can’t actually remember if she gave me the cookbook when i moved out, or when i got married – i’m thinking it was when i moved out, but i’m sure when mom reads this she’ll let me know when it REALLY was! LOL!

we don’t have a lot of “family” items that have been handed down through the generations, just a few special ones. and this cookbook means a lot to me because mom had it first and USED it and added her own personal notes and favorite recipes to it. the cookbook is pretty beat up and doesn’t really look like much… the cover and some of the pages are stained, the book has pulled away from the spine and the covers have had to be taped together, but it’s STILL my favorite recipe book. i always reach for it first {and believe me, i HAVE a LOT of cookbooks to choose from!} AND, it’s the place that i write down all my special recipes, those that i made up myself and that turned out well. i’ll have to find another place to jot them down soon though, as i’m running out of room in my precious Fanny Farmer! i scanned the cover and a few pages of the cookbook so you could see what i was talking about!

[rockyou id=138939734&w=426&h=319]

i’m not sure where to scratch my next new recipe, there are only a few small, tiny spaces left unfilled. somehow, it just doesn’t seem the same to write them anywhere else. maybe i can add a few blank pages to the back, as the book has fallen apart again and needs to be put back together anyway! that sounds like a good idea.

i never really had any interest in cooking early on. i began experimenting after watching some cooking shows on KLRN – mostly jaques pepin, julia child and the frugal gourmet. i slowly built up my skills with some very nasty, not quite edible attempts, and worked my way up from there!

about 20 years ago {boy, that makes me REALLY sound old}, a co-worker mentioned how much it was going to cost to have his wedding catered, on implulse {i never was one to think before speaking} i blurted out that i could do it for half that! he was impulsive {translation – DUMB} enough to take me up on my offer, so without ANY catering experience whatsoever — i found myself catering a wedding ….. FOR FOUR HUNDRED PEOPLE! yep, you got that right 400! i was insane enough not to back out. i was doing the cooking in my mom’s kitchen, at at one point, i remember looking around at a veritable SEA of pastry puffs! i had to make about 650, some filled with chicken, some with shrimp, and some with cream! i haven’t been able to bring myself to make another one since! remarkably, the reception went pretty well, and the bride and groom were very happy. that led to other catering jobs, and i did several dozen weddings and events in the following years.

probably the ULTIMATE TEST of my cooking  skills came when i attempted to make Death By Chocolate for Rob when we were dating. he had been to the trellis restaurant in maryland, and had sampled it there. he brought the cookbook back for me and asked that i try to make it. so i did – 50 dollars, 10 pounds of chocolate and about 12 hours later – there it sat! the dessert is unbelievably complicated, and has numerous steps and “layers”, mousses, ganache, meringues, cake, brownie, you name it, and it’s probably IN there. BUT – i DID it! i made it, and rob loved it. i’ve never made another one since! rob brings ip up now and again, and maybe one day, i’ll make another one and surprise him!

so… now on to the “t.v.” portion of our “program”…

i’d like to share the last recipe i jotted down – the one that rob and the kiddos approved of, it’s not really anything fancy, just a semi-quick and fairly easy recipe:

“veal” parmesan

*4 boneless pork loin chops

* italian seasoned panko bread crumbs {it’s important to use the japanese style PANKO breadcrumbs, not regular breadcrumbs)

*2 eggs

* 1/4 c milk

*1 c flour

*salt and pepper

* olive oil

*parmesan cheese – grated


* 15 oz can diced tomatoes

* 2 T sugar

*2 t dried basil

* 1 t dried italian seasoning

* 1 c chicken stock


1) pound chops thin, then tenderize with a meat mallet {it works best if you place the meat between plastic wrap}, then season on both sides with salt and pepper.

2) dredge chops in flour to coat, shake off excess flour.

3) mix eggs and milk in a shallow bowl or pie pan, and pour breadcrumbs in another shallow bowl or pie pan.

4) dip chops first in milk and egg mixture, then coat with breadcrumbs. place breaded chops on a cookie sheet, and refrigerate for 30 minutes to set coating.

5) pour enough oil in a large saute pan or iron skillet to coat the bottom, heat over medium high for 2 minutes to bring oil up to temp. {toss a few breadcrumbs into the oil to test, if they rise and sizzle, the oil is hot enough}

6) add chops, 1 or 2 at a time to pan, and cook over medium heat, turning once, til chops are golden brown on both sides. place chops back on cookie sheet, and cook at 350 degrees for 5 to 7 minutes until cooked through {time will depend on how thin you pounded the chops}

7) in the meantime, return pan to heat and deglaze with chicken stock {just add stock, then stir pan to get bits off bottom of pan}, then add tomatoes, sugar and spices and stir and cook until sauce begins to reduce and thicken. add salt and pepper to taste, then cook for 1 more minute.

8) place sauce on plate, then set chop on top and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

— serve with garlic bread and a nice green salad!

TRY at your own risk! i don’t really write recipes for a living, just for fun! LOL! but this one is pretty simple and pretty hard to mess up!


my little monster{s}…

the monsters? my kiddos of course! LOL! i DO love them though – even when they turn into shaggy, rough & tumble, barely recognizable monsters!

Daisy Bucket released their MY LITTLE MONSTERS collection several months ago…  and it’s such an ADORABLE collection too, kristi really outdid herself!

when my lss got the line in, i did a sample layout for them using it. i took the layout down quite awhile ago, as the paper sold out QUICKLY, and it’s been sitting here, waiting for me to put photos on it ever since. and it’s been sitting, and sitting, and sitting,  and sitting – well – you get the idea! i didn’t want to post it until i DID put photos on it, but i’m tired of staring at it, and i haven’t found the time to dig out the photos i wanted to use on it – so here it is, in all it’s unfinished glory! LOL!

<br />

it’s a pretty simple little layout, something quick and cute to scraplift if you like… i freehanded the hearts and the letters, so if you would like a scan of them so you can print it out and use it as a template to make your own, just e-mail me HERE {just click my name on the page that comes up}

and if you DO make the layout or your version of it, and DO add photos of your little monster{s}, e-mail me a copy, i’d love to see it!


10 days left!!!

10 days; that’s all the time you have left to enter REMINISCE’S FREEDOM COLLECTION CONTEST!!!

they are giving away a $500 CASH grand prize to the best layout using their new FREEDOM 2009 collection. so dig out those 4th of july or memorial day photos or any other patriotic shots ya’ got, and make something great!

click on the link above for more details.

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disney’s UP…

i am NOTa film buff, that is my dh’s area of expertise. he likes to watch obscure indie films, to learn about the director, the cinematographer, etc… he is always going up to austin’s alamo drafthouse for some premier or film festival. me, about as deep as i get is old shirley temple, audry hepburn or gene kelley flicks. my favorite genre, outside of oldies, is romantic comedies. i’m just not that into films. and i’ve never gone so far as to write a commentary on one, but here i am about to launch into one about UP.

my hubbie almost always wisks the kids off to see this or that on a saturday while i’m teaching or at a crop, i don’t ever seem to get to take them to anything – they’ve already “seen it with daddy”. so since they are out of school, i was determined i’d take them to see UP before rob had a chance to!

mimi at scrapbook 911 was going on and on about it the other day {of course she trains guide dogs and is very into all things canine)} i had seen the previews and it sounded cute, a typical kid’s movie. i was TOTALLY unprepared for what i saw!

i cried like a baby all through that stupid film! disney finally got it right! they FINALLY figured out HOW to make a film that appeals to both kids AND adults. and they did it WITHOUT resorting to showing bar maid’s cleavage, or scantily clothed – impossibly proportioned princesses, or mild “adult” humor and innuendoes. they did it by beginning with a story that we can all relate to as parents, or grandparents, or simply as married adults. and they did it with pictures set to music, not many words, just scenes in the lives of an average couple who started out life as most of us do, with more that average hopes, dreams and expectations. since there was not a lot of dialogue that went into this particular portion of the story, smaller children would not  pick up on what was really going on, but as a married, middle aged adult – it hit me right in the HEART! of course all the funny antics and escapades that you expect of a disney flick were there too, but this marvelous poignant story of one couples’ life was interwoven in it.

and i am telling you, that the 15 napkins i brought in for the buttery popcorn were NOT enough to dry up all the leakage that was going! at one point, i think i let out a small sob! now i’ve been known to cry during movies, rob always knows at what point in the movie i’m about to sniffle, and he’ll look over to see if he’s right! it’s aggravating, but he usually is – a tear has usually just begun it’s descent when he looks over at me! LOL! but i don’t know when i’ve cried as much! maybe i’m having a mid-life crisis. i DO feel that those of us that are 40 something or older, will be hit much harder that the younger crowd.

so — if you haven’t seen it, i would HIGHLY recommend you smuggle in a BOX of kleenex with you, and don’t feel like you HAVE to take the kids with you – i think you’ll enjoy it without them too!

if you DO see it, or have seen it and liked it, i would suggest that you drop disney a note and tell them you like what they did. i for one found it a refreshing change from their usual attempts to entertain the adults!

signed – tami the flick-chick! LOL!

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don’t forget!

if you have been wanting to play with the new SMOOCH inks by Clearsnap, don’t forget that i have a class on saturday at STAMP ANTONIO!

We’ll be learning several techniques using the inks, and we’ll make these 3 cards using those techniques:

smooch class cards

please call the store to sign up if you are interested!



new SMOOCH project…

while doing the demo at STAMP ANTONIO, some of the ladies were asking some VERY interesting questions about what you could and couldn’t do with SMOOCH!

since the product is still fairly new, i’m sure not all it’s possibilities have been tapped. mindy at stamp antonio, had told me about an article in the new issue of Scrap n’ Stamp. i don’t have that issue, so i can’t give the correct credit here, but there was an article on Smooch that used it in some pretty creative ways. one of those ways was to thin it with an embossing pad reinker in order to blend it; it created an almost transucent look.

among the questions asked at the demo was “can you stamp with it”. up til then, i wasn’t sure it would really work well, since the ink dries so quickly. but with the article mindy mentioned  fresh in my mind, i grabbed a stamp, an embossing pad, and some SMOOCH. this is the result…

[rockyou id=138450846&w=426&h=320]

to create the pear, i first inked the stamp using the embossing pad to “float” the ink a bit, and keep it from drying out too quickly. then i just painted on the stamp, coloring in areas of the design. after i had added the colors, i blended them together a bit at the edges {use a beauty swab or a fantastix}, then stamped! the result was GORGEOUS! a shimmery, pearly stamped image that had a beautiful blend of colors. it was quick and easy to do!

the card was made pretty impromptue – the pear was actually stamped on the white paper we were using as a blotter! i just tore it out then inked the edges with more Smooch. i had craft and black cardstock on hand for the bookmarks, so i used them for elements of the card. then grabbed another stamp for the verse – again stamped on my blotter – tore it out and inked the edges as well and viola – a quick and easy card!

if you try this at home – and you CAN, it’s EASY – please send me the resulting project if you’d like to share. or if you’ve been experimenting on your own and have a fun technique to share, please consider sending it for me to post! i’d like to see what YOU are doing!