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new SMOOCH project…

while doing the demo at STAMP ANTONIO, some of the ladies were asking some VERY interesting questions about what you could and couldn’t do with SMOOCH!

since the product is still fairly new, i’m sure not all it’s possibilities have been tapped. mindy at stamp antonio, had told me about an article in the new issue of Scrap n’ Stamp. i don’t have that issue, so i can’t give the correct credit here, but there was an article on Smooch that used it in some pretty creative ways. one of those ways was to thin it with an embossing pad reinker in order to blend it; it created an almost transucent look.

among the questions asked at the demo was “can you stamp with it”. up til then, i wasn’t sure it would really work well, since the ink dries so quickly. but with the article mindy mentioned  fresh in my mind, i grabbed a stamp, an embossing pad, and some SMOOCH. this is the result…

[rockyou id=138450846&w=426&h=320]

to create the pear, i first inked the stamp using the embossing pad to “float” the ink a bit, and keep it from drying out too quickly. then i just painted on the stamp, coloring in areas of the design. after i had added the colors, i blended them together a bit at the edges {use a beauty swab or a fantastix}, then stamped! the result was GORGEOUS! a shimmery, pearly stamped image that had a beautiful blend of colors. it was quick and easy to do!

the card was made pretty impromptue – the pear was actually stamped on the white paper we were using as a blotter! i just tore it out then inked the edges with more Smooch. i had craft and black cardstock on hand for the bookmarks, so i used them for elements of the card. then grabbed another stamp for the verse – again stamped on my blotter – tore it out and inked the edges as well and viola – a quick and easy card!

if you try this at home – and you CAN, it’s EASY – please send me the resulting project if you’d like to share. or if you’ve been experimenting on your own and have a fun technique to share, please consider sending it for me to post! i’d like to see what YOU are doing!

3 thoughts on “new SMOOCH project…

  1. oh my….this is LOVELY…what an awesome creation…..kudos to you for thinking ‘outside the box’ so to speak….LOVE it!

  2. I love your card – it turned out so beautifully! Thanks for sharing it and for all the information about SMOOCH. I followed your links from RubberStampChat as the discussion made me so curious :)

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