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tami sanders is a paper crafter that teaches locally and does design work for a few companies…

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still a few spaces left!

I just spoke with susan at Scrapbook n’ More and there are still a few spots left for the EERILY ENCHANTED Halloween altered book class.

if you can’t make the class, you can get a kit. all the painting and stamping will be done for you. also included are step-by-step written directions with photos, as well as access to full size photos posted online.

the binding process for the book itself as well as the specialty pockets and more are also shown in step-by-step how-to form both in written directions and photos of the steps.

if you are one of my out of town readers, you can get this kit by mail if you like. just contact me.

I have also just set the date for the Christmas altered book class – Saturday, October 4 from 12-5. SAVE THE DATE!!!




{EERILY ENCHANTED} halloween altered book

hi all!

only a few days til the EERILY ENCHANTED halloween altered book class! there are only 1 or 2 spots left, but there may also be 1 or 2 kits available if you can’t attend. if you are interested, please call scrapbook n’ more to sign up and or get on the waitlist.

we are going to try something new! i am loading the pics for this class on my website – NOW. so you will be able to access them DURING CLASS! so please bring your phone or ipad fully charged and ready to go if you would like to try this out! there won’t be access to plugs, so you do need to be all charged up! also, i don’t think you will have room for a laptop, so phones or pads only. i am still doing written directions, but i think being able to view and enlarge portions of the photos will help you.

please let me know if you have any questions. i am finishing up prep now!


supplies for {EERILY ENCHANTED}

well, i added the supply list as promised the other day, but failed to direct you to find it in my sidebar.

you can get the complete supply list here: {EE} altered book supply list

for future reference, you can get info on my classes as well as the supply lists for them by looking for the class at the top of my right sidebar under the heading:





it’s done! it’s done! i feel like i’ve given birth to another child! LOL!

i don’t remember working so hard on an altered book. i really wanted this halloween book to be different and to reflect the personality of G45’s Eerie Tales collection.

it is JAM packed with goodies; i used everything i could in this one! i hope you will like what i’ve done, here it is…

eerily enchanted collage 1

eerily enchanted collage 2

you can click on the collages to enlarge them.

i’ll be adding all the supply deets and such tomorrow, so you’ll be able to start prepping for class.

i’d like to say “thank you” again to all of you who signed up early for this book. it allowed me to be able to take my time creating it, and it also allowed me to pull and bag supplies as i went. which is a HUGE time saver when prepping for a MASSIVE class like this.

i hope the book lives up to your expectations and LONG anticipation during the design process.

there are still a few spots left in the class, so if you haven’t signed up yet and would like to, please call Scrapbook n’ More at (830) 214-1690 to sign up.

i also appreciate all the nice, encouraging comments about all the little peeks and snippets – they helped keep me going during SEVERAL LONG NIGHTS of putting this book together.



i’m trying to finish up the Halloween altered book…EERILY ENCHANTED as quickly as i can – but i want it to be as FABulous as possible!

here are some peeks; i’ve designed the pages, decided what goes where as far as the “first” layer goes. now i’m working in the 2nd and 3rd layers, trying to add as many treats as i can!

these pages aren’t finished yet, but i’ll share the progress…

this next pic is a good reflection of the feel i want for the book – a little spooky and a little kooky with a touch of whimsy and a sprinkling of the dark side – hey – Grimm’s Fairy Tales are pretty, well… GRIM!








that’s it for now… more soon!

Temporary Tattoos…

hi ya!

having a good summer so far?

enjoying the SUN and the HEAT?

are you showing a bit more skin?

want to bLinG-uP that exposed epidermis?

how about a tattoo?

not a permanent one – not a REAL commitment, just a temporary one for a little fun. Clearsnap has introduced ColorBox Temporary Tattoo Inkpads. they come in 3 colors: Storm {blue}, Spicy {Red} and Shadow {black}. i was anxious to pair these inks with stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop. i thought it would be a great match. an easy way to create a pretty tattoo to enjoy for awhile, then wash away with a little soap and water.

i’d had this idea in mind for a time, but hadn’t tried it out yet. i needed a volunteer! enter my neice Talia. Talia came down to visit us this weekend and as luck would have it, i received a nice, big box of TCW’s latest and greatest! OMGOODNESS! you will NOT believe all the fabulous brand spanking new designs! they are shipping to stores now, so prepare to be WOWED! you can check out the styles here: NEW SUMMER 2014 RELEASES – all the new designs are on the front page. one of the new designs immediately caught my eye as i knew it would work beautifully as a tattoo – TCW499 Koi Pond

koi tatoo supplies use (1024x683)

the stencil actually has 3 beautifully executed koi on it along with sets of lily pads. i used the 6 X 6 size for this project, but it is also available in 12 X 12. the hardest part of this project was finding tape that stuck to the skin that didn’t REALLY stick. painters tape didn’t work at all, so i tried some first aid tape, it seemed to work ok. but i would experiment on yourself with the tape before you tried it on a child. ouchless bandaids would probably work well too. the stencil needs to be held in place securely, especially if it is to be wrapped around an arm. don’t worry if the center of the stencil doesn’t lay flat. as long as it is held in place at the outer edges, you can gently hold the center sections in place while you ink. the ColorBox Stylus & Tips certainly makes this process easier – just dab in the ink, then dab on the skin. but you could use a makeup sponge or other small craft sponge if you didn’t have a stylus on hand. you do want to dab – not rub at the ink. you are less likely to get ink up under the stencil if you just dab the colors on.

talias tattoo, TCW stencils, Clearsnap, ColorBox Temporary Tattoo Inkpad, Tattoo Inks, Tattoo stamping,stamped tattoo, temporary tattoo,kids tattoo,tcw stencils,the crafter's workshop,koi tattoo,koi stencil

for this particular design, i started with the Scarlet ink at the center, then shaded with the Storm ink

talias tattoo cu

you could add more detail using a sharpie or permanent marker – but i would recommend that for adults only as it will take more that soap and water to wash that off! the ColorBox Temporary Tattoo Ink is a FABULOUS alternative to paint, especially for kids. kids LOVE to have their faces, arms, etc painted, but 5 minutes later the paint has dried and their skin is getting itchy and they want to start rubbing and scratching at it. you don’t get any of that with the Temporary Tattoo Ink – it just feels like skin, like when you get your hand stamped. and speaking of stamps, you can also TOTALLY use these inks with stamps. in fact, Clearsnap makes several lines of stamps to go with the inks: My First ColorBox Mini Stamps, ColorBox Souvenir Stamps and if you are into sports, there is also a NCAA licensed line of stamps and more.

ColorBox Temporary Tattoo Inks are also available in a multitude of school colors, so if you want to go beyond the basic red, blue and black, check out the school colors. also think of suggesting these inks and stencils in place of using paint at your next school function! quick, easy, less mess and the kids won’t be itching, scratching and transferring paint to their clothes.

for a henna style tattoo, select a design from among the VAST variety of TCW stencils, then pair with the Texas Tattoo Inkpad – the burnt orange color should be just about right!

enjoy the rest of your summer — it’s going QUICK!

New Posts on Clearsnap & TCW Blogs…

hi! i wanted to let you know i have a two new blog projects up for this month…

a new card sketch on the Clearsnap Blog – my lucky #13th in fact – i can’t believe i’ve been doing the card sketch for over a year now!

you can see the new sketch and the card, and get directions and supplies for making the sample card here: CARD SKETCH #13

here’s the card i made using the sketch…

relax card - card sketch_clearsnap_colorbox_dye ink_colorbox Spritzers_dye ink spray_stamping _summer card_stamped card_beach card_tami sanders wm

i also have a post up on The Crafter’s Workshop Blog

i used the Blazonry Template from TCW and sharpie markers to alter a scrapbook tote with word art, here’s a snippet…

the crafters workshop_ tcw blog_sharpie_stencil_altered storage_stencil with sharpie_blazonary stencil_tami sanders - cu

you can see the whole project as well as get all the supply and direction info here: LOOKING SHARP-{ie}

i hope you will check them out and if you do, please leave a comment; i’d love to know you visited!



thoughts on upcoming altered books…

i’ve been checking out new paper lines and considering them for upcoming altered book classes.

one subject that keeps being requested is pet, so i was excited to hear about g45’s new Raining Cats and Dogs collection – and i love it – and the colors are great for most pets – BUT…

and there is a but, i think this collection would work well for people with both cats and dogs. i don’t think it would work for those who are strictly dog or strictly cat people. the papers feature both dogs and cats together, there isn’t “cat” paper and “dog” paper. so unfortunately, i will still be hunting for a pet collection to use. if you see one you like, drop me a note and i’ll check it out.

as for christmas, since there seemed to be enough interest for both a halloween AND christmas book this year. again, i was both excited by and a little disappointed by g45’s twas the night before christmas collection. there are only 8 papers instead of the usual 12 in the collection, and although i love the colors, and the more 50’s style santa {that is my FAVORITE decade for the vintage christmas goodies i collect), i’m just not sure there is enough paper choices. but i DO have tons and TONS of vintage christmas, so i may be able to supplement with ephemera that i have. i am going to print of swatches and sit down and play with it. i would like to use it as it would have a very different look from the other christmas books we’ve done so far. if you have an opinion on this collection – i’d love to hear it. i don’t believe authentique has released a new christmas collection yet – they are another company i like to work with.

other suggested subjects are: family, recipe and texas – at least those are the requests i get most often. if you have some suggestions for themes, please let me hear them!

off to bed, it’s been a LONG WEEK and i have a LOT of work to do this weekend – including an altered book to finish :)