thoughts on upcoming altered books…

i’ve been checking out new paper lines and considering them for upcoming altered book classes.

one subject that keeps being requested is pet, so i was excited to hear about g45’s new Raining Cats and Dogs collection – and i love it – and the colors are great for most pets – BUT…

and there is a but, i think this collection would work well for people with both cats and dogs. i don’t think it would work for those who are strictly dog or strictly cat people. the papers feature both dogs and cats together, there isn’t “cat” paper and “dog” paper. so unfortunately, i will still be hunting for a pet collection to use. if you see one you like, drop me a note and i’ll check it out.

as for christmas, since there seemed to be enough interest for both a halloween AND christmas book this year. again, i was both excited by and a little disappointed by g45’s twas the night before christmas collection. there are only 8 papers instead of the usual 12 in the collection, and although i love the colors, and the more 50’s style santa {that is my FAVORITE decade for the vintage christmas goodies i collect), i’m just not sure there is enough paper choices. but i DO have tons and TONS of vintage christmas, so i may be able to supplement with ephemera that i have. i am going to print of swatches and sit down and play with it. i would like to use it as it would have a very different look from the other christmas books we’ve done so far. if you have an opinion on this collection – i’d love to hear it. i don’t believe authentique has released a new christmas collection yet – they are another company i like to work with.

other suggested subjects are: family, recipe and texas – at least those are the requests i get most often. if you have some suggestions for themes, please let me hear them!

off to bed, it’s been a LONG WEEK and i have a LOT of work to do this weekend – including an altered book to finish :)

5 thoughts on “thoughts on upcoming altered books…

  1. The only comment I might have regarding the books is… just go for it. Are the colors and styles such that you could combine with other cat or dog papers and maybe some other multi or solid color papers for cat, dog. Scrapbook N’ More had a couple cute dog papers (don’t remember the co). And Christmas… maybe give attendees a choice… vintage Christmas or whatever else you find. (That being said, of course you know I’d want to make one in class and buy the other kit probably and so might a few other attendees – soooo, that might be dangerous territory.).

    Just a few thoughts…

    Hugs, Kathy

  2. P.S. Family, Recipe, and don’t remember the 3rd your mentioned… Recipe is my favorite and I think recipe would be GREAT in a de-constructed book. Family scares me a little because (due to the fire) I don’t have many family pictures or anything else so that’s probably my lease favorite and I’m not sure I’d do that one… but maybe a Friends cuz then I wouldn’t necessarily need pictures. But of course, I love anything you do so you could probably pretty much count me in.

  3. I like the Graphic 45 Christmas line. What if you used it with some solids that we stamped or otherwise enhanced? Since the pieces are usually photo mats, you won’t see much so you could just re-use a bunch.
    I hate lines that put dogs and cats together. It drives me crazy.

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