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Cookie Swap!

UPDATE: as of today, dec. 1, I have 6 people signed up for the cookie swap so we are halfway there!  if we can just get 6 more people signed up by next monday, dec. 8, then we can HAVE THE SWAP! thanks to those who have signed up, and if you have been thinking about signing up, PLEASE DO!

my 4th annual cookie swap at scrapbook 911 is in trouble! it may have to be cancelled due to lack of interest! i REALLY don’t want to have to cancel the cookie swap, but unless 12 or more people sign up by 12-8, i’ll have to do just that!

i know the holidays are hectic, and the economy has been a bit shaky of late, so i understand that cuts have to be made somewhere in both time and money. i did price this class so that you would NOT have to pay in advance when you signed up – hoping that would help :)

we always have such a great time, and it’s nice to have an assortment of 6 dozen holiday cookies at the ready for munching – not to mention the 6 decorated recipe cards with the recipes for those cookies. you’ll also get to make this cute little holiday recipe holder that can hold those new cookie recipe cards…


IF you are interested, please call to sign up NOW! the date for the swap is monday, december 15, from 6:00 to 8:30. you can call the store or e-mail me if you need more details.

also, if you can’t make the swap and/or just want a kit for the recipe holder, you can request that as well – again, just call the store to sign up!

kits WILL be available whether the swap is held or not!





tomorrow is a day set aside to give thanks. i know we all KNOW that, but do we really take the time to stop and DO it?

the Christmas season is rushing in on us, retailers are starting EARLIER and EARLIER every year, fighting for our holiday spending $$$, and somehow, Thanksgiving is getting lost in the mix. it’s just a day to use as a slogan for store’s “day after thanksgiving” sale. forgive me if i sound a little cynical, but at several stores here in town, Christmas music was piped in the day after HALLOWEEN!
I WANT FALL BACK! I WANT THANKSGIVING BACK! i don’t want it all wrapped in one big snowball leading to CHRISTMAS!
so… i am carefully stepping off of my soapbox now! LOL! i’m off to spend either a relaxing day with the family, or over to my mom’s to help cook for tomorrow, but either way – i’ll be thinking of all the things I NEED to give thanks for, and all the things that i am grateful for. i hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy all the homemade goodies, and make time to add up all YOUR blessings!


the polls are now closed and the results are in! first things first, i know you want to know who won before you hear anything else. i put all the names of those who left comments in the hat and drew out one name…

—and the winner is…. drumroll please…. KAREN KILLIAN!!! CONGRATS KAREN!!!

I appreciate all of you who took the time to vote in the polls for my 2009 classes and for all the VERY kind comments i received! i really enjoyed reading them, it means a lot!

as far as next years classes go, here’s how things stack up right now:


Photofull – 1st monday of every month – same time – price will be reduced to 15.00.

Sketch & Crop – 1st monday of every month – same time – price will stay the same.

Mom & Me – Saturday – date will vary – undecided if this class will go monthly or stay every other month.


Sketch & More 3rd monday – daytime class – 9:30 – 1:30 – $20.00 – you’ll make a 1 page layout using my sketch and your choice of papers. Then we’ll use the leftovers to make a project… might be cards, a frame, mini album, etc. if you like layout classes AND project classes – this one is for you!

STILL THINKING ABOUT: 3rd monday – evening class – 6:30 – 8:30 – Tami & Tim (need title help!) – this would be a technique based layout class using primarily products from Tim Holtz. I haven’t decided whether or not to schedule this one – your comments are welcome!

“tami’s stash” class…

i “taught” my tami’s stash class today, i put taught in quotes as i’m not sure that’s the right word for it! LOL! i pulled out a BUNCH of things from my scrapn’ pile; enough to line up down 4 tables! there was all kinds of junque – you name it and it was probably there. this class was sort of a do-it-yourself class. i gave the them some general guidelines and how-to’s of acrylic mini albums, and then turned them loose to create their own. 5 hours seemed like a L-O-N-G time for a class, but it flew by! since there were just 4 of us, i decided to make an album too (a christmas gift for SOMEONE! can’t say who, they might be reading this! LOL!) Everyone’s album turned out great and i was disappointed that i forgot my camera. i was so busy pulling STUFF i completely forgot it! i asked the gals to send me pics of their projects because i’d like to post them so you can take a look – they all came out great and they were all UNIQUE! so hopefully, i’ll have some pics to share soon.

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“tami’s stash” mini album class THIS saturday! nov 15!

i will be teaching a mini album class at scrapbook 911 this saturday; there are still spaces available if you are interested.

the class is titled “tami’s stash” because you will be using items from my pile of supplies to embellish your own acrylic mini album. what will be in “the stash” – who knows! LOL! chipboard alphas, ribbons, all kinds of letters, stickers, rub ons, paints, buttons, some of my vintage finds, a little of everything. some old, some new, but all for you to use! i have a sample made up, so you’ll be able to use my pages as a guide if you like, or just create something all your own. be sure to bring photos if you come (must be croppable).

it’ll be a lot of fun! who doesn’t like to play with other people’s stuff! LOL! the album would make a great gift too – so think ahead to the holidays!

here’s what my album looks like…

my-boys-2please e-mail me or call SCRAPBOOK 911 if you have any questions. this will be one of the last few mini album classes i’ll be teaching at 911, so i hope to see you there!

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better late than never!

i know i promised one more halloween layout BEFORE halloween, but… well… i just didn’t get it done! i had costumes to finish! here’s a pic of my kiddos all dressed up…

"evil king" drew and "devishly adorable" chris

both costumes proved to be a challenge. chris’ SHOULD have been simple, but i failed to notice that the pattern called for 72″ FELT, so the 45″ satin i bought wasn’t large enough to cut the pattern out of, plus since felt doesn’t have to be hemmed or lined or anything, i needed not just DOUBLE the amount of material but QUADRUPLE! so much for a quick & cheap costume; that cape cost PLENTY! LOL! and drew’s costume had me feeling like i was sewing for a broadway theatrical production. i couldn’t BELIEVE all the details! and everything was lined! oh my, were my limited sewing skills put to the test. BUT – i DID get finished and they did look great all dressed up, so i guess it was worth it (or so i keep telling myself, over and over and over ! LOL!)

anyway, i wanted to add their pics to this layout before i posted it, but still haven’t managed to get the pics printed, much less on a layout, so here’s the promised layout – my favorite!  i used the EERIE ALLEY line by SEI. the bold black and white VERY graphic papers caught my attention first, then the bright vivid papers with raised “eerie” designs drew me in!

who's behind the mask?
whoo’s behind the mask?

i colored in the pattern paper on the bottom right of the layout. have you tried that with black and white papers? it can add a “custom” element to your page – and you can use colors that will make your photos POP!

have any halloween layouts you want to share? if so, please send them my way!