tomorrow is a day set aside to give thanks. i know we all KNOW that, but do we really take the time to stop and DO it?

the Christmas season is rushing in on us, retailers are starting EARLIER and EARLIER every year, fighting for our holiday spending $$$, and somehow, Thanksgiving is getting lost in the mix. it’s just a day to use as a slogan for store’s “day after thanksgiving” sale. forgive me if i sound a little cynical, but at several stores here in town, Christmas music was piped in the day after HALLOWEEN!
I WANT FALL BACK! I WANT THANKSGIVING BACK! i don’t want it all wrapped in one big snowball leading to CHRISTMAS!
so… i am carefully stepping off of my soapbox now! LOL! i’m off to spend either a relaxing day with the family, or over to my mom’s to help cook for tomorrow, but either way – i’ll be thinking of all the things I NEED to give thanks for, and all the things that i am grateful for. i hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy all the homemade goodies, and make time to add up all YOUR blessings!

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