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when God closes a door…

it’s said he opens a window…

i probably should have been listening closer, i think God felt He needed to SLAM the door to get my attention!

the past few months have brought a lot of changes into my life, some good, some bad and a few that were very bad; there have been a WHOLE lot of highs and lows. and today has brought with it another drop in elevation…

i’m sure most of you “locals” have already heard the news — scrapbook 911 will be closing it’s doors next month. i began teaching there in February 6 years ago, so perhaps it is fitting that i will teach my final class there tomorrow, the last day of February.

i will miss the camaraderie that i found at scrapbook 911 as i was priviledged to make many new friendships and aquaintances over the years.

it’s always hard to say goodbye to things you know and love, but you can’t move onto new adventures until you bid the old ones adieu.

i am hopeful that there are bigger and brighter things on my horizon. i have a lot of ideas that i would love to see come to fruition, but up til now i have not had the time to dedicate to them. during the next few weeks, i’ll be trying to formulate a plan of action so to speak. some of the plans are already in motion as i had been preparing for the possibility of scrapbook 911 closing for awhile.

i have been working with Jane at The Scrapbooking Factory for a few months now, teaching classes at her monthly retreats. For those of you who enjoyed scrapbook 911’s retreats and will now be wondering where to go instead, i would encourage you to give one of Jane’s retreats a try. she puts them on monthly and does a FABULOUS job of taking care of everyone’s needs and providing a great place to spend a carefree weekend cropping. i fully expect her retreats to begin filling up VERY quickly, so please be sure to call her and sign up soon or contact her for more information if you are interested. she can be reached by e-mail by filling out this FORM or you can call her at 210-857-8697. her retreats are only $35.00 for the weekend! she is also hosting a special retreat at the rockin’ r in a few weeks. i am currently scheduled to teach classes at the rockin’r retreat in march, and at her april and may retreats.

The Scrapbooking Factory also has a very nice selection of printed papers, cardstock, embellies, ribbons, flowers and basic scrapbooking supplies. they are located at 6151 NW loop 410, inside Alamo Craft Co. They are open 10-6 everyday except Sunday. stop in and meet Jane, take a look around, and ask about classes or retreats, she’ll be glad to help you out!

i have also been teaching classes on a semi-quarterly basis at Stamp Antonio — mainly my altered book classes. i met with Amy and Carol last week, and they were gracious enough to agree to let me move my PhotoFULL and Money $aving $ketches there. we have set the date for both classes on thursday, april 7th. Money $aving $ketches will be held from 10:30 to 12:30 and PhotoFULL will be 6:00 to 8:00. Stamp Antonio normally closes at 6:00, so they are REALLY bending over backwards to accomodate this move by agreeing to stay open a little longer for us! i am hoping that the interest in these classes will be enough to sustain them at Stamp Antonio, at least for awhile. i would be VERY grateful to my faithful “regulars” if you would make this move WITH ME!

Stamp Antonio does not currently have a large enough selection of printed paper or cardstock to accomodate a “pick your own paper” class, so both classes will be “BYOP” – bring your own PAPER! since i have a month to prepare, all my march classes at scrapbook 911 will be cancelled, i will take the time to get samples for both classes ready in advance. that way, you will know EXACTLY how many printed papers and how many cardstocks you will need to bring. i’ll also be posting a snippet of the layouts on my blog. the cost of the classes will both be $8.00. Money $aving $ketches has been $8, so there is no change there, but since supplies will now NOT be included in the PhotoFULL class, it’s price will drop from $15 to $8 as well. so both will basically be “sketch” classes; i’ll provide you with the template, inspiration and ideas, and you’ll provide your own paper.

Stamp Antonio HAS expressed an interest in trying to cater to some of us “displaced” scrapbookers, so they may be able to expand their product selection over the next few months to help us out. if you haven’t been to Stamp Antonio, or haven’t been in for awhile, you might want to drop in and say “HI”. they have a wonderful NEW store at 1604 and Lockhill Selma {5139 north loop 1604 west}. in addition to a FABULOUS selection of stamps and inks, they have a lot of basics that we scrappers are going to need — like glue, adhesive, punches AND for you tim holtz junque-ies — LOTS of timmy products! if you don’t see what you need when you are there, PLEASE let them know – they DO want to be able to provide you with the goodies you need. 

Stamp Antonio also has not one, but TWO great classrooms – one of which they just outfitted with a FABULOUS demo table with drop camera and big screen TV! no more trying to get a peek at what the instuctor is doing – you can see it on the BIG SCREEN! what a WONDERFULLY innovative idea!

Stamp Antonio is currently closed mondays, but drop by and see them any other day {call for hours}, or just dial them up if you’d like to see if they carry a product you need or for more info on classes, their number is 210-764-7900.

i have not yet made a decision about my mom & me classes, i will be sending out an e-mail to those on my class list to see what interest there is in continuing them. Stamp Antonio has expressed a desire in having kids classes taught there, so that may be a possibility.

please watch my blog for any new info on classes, retreats and with any luck – CROPS! i have many of your e-mail addresses, but i’m sure not all, so if you are interested in keeping up with any news via e-mail, please drop me a note with your e-mail addy so i can add you to my list.

i VERY MUCH appreciate all of you who have taken classes from me over the years. i am a bit melancholy to be closing the book on this particular chapter, but as you can see, i’ve been busy scripting some new ones!

thank you!




my youngest son chris, is participating in Jump Rope for the Heart at his school to support the American Heart Association.

he has been practicing various moves and jumps for WEEKS and is very excited to be participating in this program.

on a more personal level, the AHA is an organization that chris would like to support along with our family, since his opa recently passed away due to heart disease.

if you can help support chris in his endeavor, here is a link to his page at the AHA: jump rope for the heart – chris

thank you,

reminisce is on FACEBOOK!

REMINISCE has a new social media coordinator – DT member Angela P.!

Reminisce has some big news coming up and it will be announced on Facebook FIRST! so if you’d like to be in the “know” then be sure you “like” Reminisce on facebook. here’s a link to their page… REMINISCE FACEBOOK PAGE.

Angela also has plans for team members to share projects that haven’t been previously posted on the Reminisce blog, as well as published works that you may have not seen before. you’ll be able to get great ideas on how to use new or current Reminisce products.

contests and blog hops will also be announced on the Reminisce Facebook page – so don’t miss out! “like” Reminisce today, and “share” with your friends so they can get in the “know” as well!

AND — Reminisce is also punching up their blog – with a little help fom Angela! to kick things off, a challenge has been posted and prize packs are in the offering for the winners! get all the details on the REMINISCE BLOG.


last minute classes…

if you don’t have anything to do this saturday…

i’ll be teaching 2 layout classes at The Scrapbooking Factory’s retreat! this is a last minute addition to my calendar, so space is VERY limited. you don’t have to be attending the retreat in order to take the class, and kits are available. please call Jane at 210-857-8697 to sign up, or to get more info.

here are the two classes i’ll be teaching…

first, at 10:30 is “play MISTY with me”…

we’ll be tinting “invisibles” papers by Heidi Swapp using Smooch and Glimmer Mist – all the “printed” papers, ribbons and flowers started out WHITE! you get to chose your own color scheme — neutrals, pastels, brights or a mix – whatever combination you like. for this project – YOU are the product designer!

next, at 2:00, is “lotsa photos layout”…

this layout is NOT what it seems! it has a secret – well, actually a couple of secrets – it can hold 25 or MORE large to full size photos! its like getting FOUR 2 page layouts in ONE! come try this class to find out where the photos are hidden. and no – for those of you who might be worried – no page protectors will be injured! LOL!

i’ll also be teaching a couple of classes at Jane’s upcoming retreat at the rockin’ r, march 11-13. there are only a few spots left, so sign up QUICK if you are interested!


snow angel blinkie…

in honor of our recent “snow storm” here in san antonio, i created a blinkie using 3 pics i took of chris while he was making a snow angel – in the 1/4″ of snow that fell! LOL!

there wasn’t much snow in the grass, so he’s actually making this angel out in the street! we live on a cul de sac, and the street actually looked the prettiest.

i am so proud of myself! first a youtube video and NOW a blinkie! i may catch up to the 21st century yet!

if you would like to use this blinkie yourself, here’s the code to copy and paste:

<img style=”visibility: hidden; width: 0; height: 0;” src=”http://c.gigcount.com/wildfire/IMP/CXNID=2000002.0NXC/bHQ9MTI5Nzg4MDc5MzI2OSZwdD*xMjk3ODgxMTc1MTI*JnA9Mjk3MzEmZD*mbj13b3JkcHJlc3MmZz*xJm89MjZlZWY3MTI4NzY4/NDdjOWE5N2Q4N2RjMzEwMWI5M2Ymb2Y9MA==.gif” border=”0″ alt=”” width=”0″ height=”0″ /><a href=”http://www.lunapic.com/editor/”><img src=”http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/3197/194050939161428015.gif” border=”0″ alt=”” /></a>

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world premiere…

yes, it’s true… this morning saw the launching of a brand new, oh so exciting youtube video by your’s truly! LOL!

i can ASSURE you that making a video was the LAST thing i thought i’d ever do. i don’t consider myself very TECH-savvy, so the thought of trying to record myself doing a demo without making a mistake, or trying to figure out how to edit out the mistakes was a little daunting. but my dh bought me a great laptap for my birthday, and the “Create” button with a “Movie” mode has been staring at me for awhile now. it made it look so easy, just a few quick steps — click here, cut there — and viola! it’s a movie! of course, NOTHING is that easy, cute little buttons or not, and i did run into several problems along the way. but, i’m proud to say that i was able to figure them out all by myself and upload my finished product to youtube!

i will warn you that it is not the most “polished” video around, i have a LOT to learn about filming, lighting and editing, but i didn’t think it was too bad for a first attempt.

so, if you’d like to take a quickie- class/demo using the new SPRITZ BOARD by HAMPTON ART and SMOOCH SPRITZES by CLEARSNAP, you can take a peek here: my first video

the project is a spring-themed altered canvas.



get lucky!

i know valentine’s day is a week away, and march is STILL a long way off, but i’m sharing a st. pat’s layout today that uses the new CELTIC PRIDE line by REMINISCE

i designed this layout as a store sample for Scrapbook 911; they have the line in stock.

although the line is “labeled” as a st. patrick’s day’s line, there are several of the papers and designs that work well for other things as well.

Reminisce recently added a Facebook Page, sign up and become a fan in order to be the first to hear about new lines or contests!



it’s really SNOW!

those of you who actually get SNOW on a regular basis may laugh at us Texans, especially here in San Antonio when the city has practically SHUT DOWN for the day just because of a thin layer of ice and a sprinkle of snow…

BUT for us it’s SNOW, it’s really SNOW! not sleet, or ice, but honest to gosh POWDER!

my youngest, chris has never seen snow, and drew, has only seen a very light touch of it about 5 years ago. so the weather forecasts that seemed to promise the white stuff had been of a GREAT interest. chris made me promise that i would wake him up in the middle of the night if the snow did indeed make an appearance.

i did miss the actual flurries, but i woke up at 5AM {heaven know why} and opened the door to a winter wonderland! well, as much of one as i’ve seen in quite awhile. we live on a cul de sac, so there was a BIG circle of snow covered asphalt glistening under the street light! PRETTY! so i woke up chris, there was no budging drew, and we went outside to play.

chris tried making snowballs, no little feet as the snow was VERY powdery, not much to hold it together. there wasn’t much to scoop up either, so it took awhile. there was a bit more on the top of the cars and beside them.

we stayed out til we got chilly – we just had pj’s on under our coats. but once inside, we found that drew was now up and wanted to take a look. so he got his coat on and we went back outside. chris and drew threw some snowballs at each other, then everyone agreed it was just TOO cold for pj’s! LOL! so we all went back to bed for a few hours.

the snow was starting to melt a little under the sun, but there was still enough left for the boys to play in, so they tried snow angels, then spent time trying to rake up enough snow to make snowballs for another snowball fight.

there was a little more snow out back, LOTS on the slide, so they went at it again. there was HUGE ice pile under the faucet where it had dripped, so they worked on breaking it up a little.

i was FREEZING and the snow was dwindling, so having taken what i deemed was enough photos – since i knew i only got a chance a snow pics every decade or so – i went back inside! the kids met up with 2 sisters down the street and they played an threw snow at each other til most of it had melted.

here are some pics of our “winter storm” as the newscasters called it…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Clearsnap Giveaway and NEW SMOOCH COLORS!

i am hosting a “win it before you see it” giveaway on the CLEARSNAP BLOG!

i am working on a mini corkboard project using the NEWEST colors of Smooch Accent Ink! i’m not ready to post the project yet, but YOU can get in on a chance to WIN it!

i have just added a new post to the blog titled: MY FAVORITE CLEARSNAP PRODUCT…

all you have to do in order to be entered to win the mini corkboard project is to add a comment to the post on the Clearsnap Blog telling me what YOUR favorite Clearsnap product is! i need at least 30 of you to play along, so tell your friends!

also, Clearsnap is trying to reach it’s goal of 700 facebook fans BEFORE they return from CHA, and CHA ends TODAY!

so to help them along with that goal, you can get your name entered into the drawing for the mini corkboard TWICE if you post a comment to my blog post AND become {or are already} a CLEARSNAP FACEBOOK FAN. just be sure to note your “Fan Status” in your blog post so that i’ll know to add your name TWICE!

i have also posted the BRAND NEW SMOOCH ACCENT INK colors on the blog too!

good luck all, and thanks for playing!