it’s really SNOW!

those of you who actually get SNOW on a regular basis may laugh at us Texans, especially here in San Antonio when the city has practically SHUT DOWN for the day just because of a thin layer of ice and a sprinkle of snow…

BUT for us it’s SNOW, it’s really SNOW! not sleet, or ice, but honest to gosh POWDER!

my youngest, chris has never seen snow, and drew, has only seen a very light touch of it about 5 years ago. so the weather forecasts that seemed to promise the white stuff had been of a GREAT interest. chris made me promise that i would wake him up in the middle of the night if the snow did indeed make an appearance.

i did miss the actual flurries, but i woke up at 5AM {heaven know why} and opened the door to a winter wonderland! well, as much of one as i’ve seen in quite awhile. we live on a cul de sac, so there was a BIG circle of snow covered asphalt glistening under the street light! PRETTY! so i woke up chris, there was no budging drew, and we went outside to play.

chris tried making snowballs, no little feet as the snow was VERY powdery, not much to hold it together. there wasn’t much to scoop up either, so it took awhile. there was a bit more on the top of the cars and beside them.

we stayed out til we got chilly – we just had pj’s on under our coats. but once inside, we found that drew was now up and wanted to take a look. so he got his coat on and we went back outside. chris and drew threw some snowballs at each other, then everyone agreed it was just TOO cold for pj’s! LOL! so we all went back to bed for a few hours.

the snow was starting to melt a little under the sun, but there was still enough left for the boys to play in, so they tried snow angels, then spent time trying to rake up enough snow to make snowballs for another snowball fight.

there was a little more snow out back, LOTS on the slide, so they went at it again. there was HUGE ice pile under the faucet where it had dripped, so they worked on breaking it up a little.

i was FREEZING and the snow was dwindling, so having taken what i deemed was enough photos – since i knew i only got a chance a snow pics every decade or so – i went back inside! the kids met up with 2 sisters down the street and they played an threw snow at each other til most of it had melted.

here are some pics of our “winter storm” as the newscasters called it…

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5 thoughts on “it’s really SNOW!

  1. glad the snow thing is working out for ya. lots of unhappy peeps out there. lol!!! i like to admire it from afar.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how wonderful something like snow can be… if you don’t get it that often! We had no snow last year, so when we got an inch before Thanksgiving, the kids acted like Christmas had come early! (PS-it has not snowed here since!) Congrats on your rare snowfall! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. We got a little snow here also. I’m about 45 min from you between Seguin and Gonzales ~Belmont. Didn’t realize you were so close!!

  4. How exciting to see snow for the very first time! Here in New England we are literally up to our eyeballs and beyond – we’d be happy to send you some more if you’d like!

  5. Wow. That’s hysterical! I laughed at the *winter storm*. LOL Here? We got a storm too. Although our snowbanks are about 7 1/2 feet high. LOL And our puggle has to have paths shoveled out of our backyard, in order to go potty, because the snow is much higher than he is. So hubby has a long driveway to shovel, AND a backyard. I told him about your blog, and he offered your boys OUR snow. Now, how do we ship… that’s the question. LOL

    Why is it that we always want what we don’t have, and don’t always appreciate what we do? :)

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