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world premiere…

yes, it’s true… this morning saw the launching of a brand new, oh so exciting youtube video by your’s truly! LOL!

i can ASSURE you that making a video was the LAST thing i thought i’d ever do. i don’t consider myself very TECH-savvy, so the thought of trying to record myself doing a demo without making a mistake, or trying to figure out how to edit out the mistakes was a little daunting. but my dh bought me a great laptap for my birthday, and the “Create” button with a “Movie” mode has been staring at me for awhile now. it made it look so easy, just a few quick steps — click here, cut there — and viola! it’s a movie! of course, NOTHING is that easy, cute little buttons or not, and i did run into several problems along the way. but, i’m proud to say that i was able to figure them out all by myself and upload my finished product to youtube!

i will warn you that it is not the most “polished” video around, i have a LOT to learn about filming, lighting and editing, but i didn’t think it was too bad for a first attempt.

so, if you’d like to take a quickie- class/demo using the new SPRITZ BOARD by HAMPTON ART and SMOOCH SPRITZES by CLEARSNAP, you can take a peek here: my first video

the project is a spring-themed altered canvas.


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