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better late than never!

i know i promised one more halloween layout BEFORE halloween, but… well… i just didn’t get it done! i had costumes to finish! here’s a pic of my kiddos all dressed up…

"evil king" drew and "devishly adorable" chris

both costumes proved to be a challenge. chris’ SHOULD have been simple, but i failed to notice that the pattern called for 72″ FELT, so the 45″ satin i bought wasn’t large enough to cut the pattern out of, plus since felt doesn’t have to be hemmed or lined or anything, i needed not just DOUBLE the amount of material but QUADRUPLE! so much for a quick & cheap costume; that cape cost PLENTY! LOL! and drew’s costume had me feeling like i was sewing for a broadway theatrical production. i couldn’t BELIEVE all the details! and everything was lined! oh my, were my limited sewing skills put to the test. BUT – i DID get finished and they did look great all dressed up, so i guess it was worth it (or so i keep telling myself, over and over and over ! LOL!)

anyway, i wanted to add their pics to this layout before i posted it, but still haven’t managed to get the pics printed, much less on a layout, so here’s the promised layout – my favorite!  i used the EERIE ALLEY line by SEI. the bold black and white VERY graphic papers caught my attention first, then the bright vivid papers with raised “eerie” designs drew me in!

who's behind the mask?
whoo’s behind the mask?

i colored in the pattern paper on the bottom right of the layout. have you tried that with black and white papers? it can add a “custom” element to your page – and you can use colors that will make your photos POP!

have any halloween layouts you want to share? if so, please send them my way!

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