“tami’s stash” class…

i “taught” my tami’s stash class today, i put taught in quotes as i’m not sure that’s the right word for it! LOL! i pulled out a BUNCH of things from my scrapn’ pile; enough to line up down 4 tables! there was all kinds of junque – you name it and it was probably there. this class was sort of a do-it-yourself class. i gave the them some general guidelines and how-to’s of acrylic mini albums, and then turned them loose to create their own. 5 hours seemed like a L-O-N-G time for a class, but it flew by! since there were just 4 of us, i decided to make an album too (a christmas gift for SOMEONE! can’t say who, they might be reading this! LOL!) Everyone’s album turned out great and i was disappointed that i forgot my camera. i was so busy pulling STUFF i completely forgot it! i asked the gals to send me pics of their projects because i’d like to post them so you can take a look – they all came out great and they were all UNIQUE! so hopefully, i’ll have some pics to share soon.

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