{EERILY ENCHANTED} halloween altered book

hi all!

only a few days til the EERILY ENCHANTED halloween altered book class! there are only 1 or 2 spots left, but there may also be 1 or 2 kits available if you can’t attend. if you are interested, please call scrapbook n’ more to sign up and or get on the waitlist.

we are going to try something new! i am loading the pics for this class on my website – NOW. so you will be able to access them DURING CLASS! so please bring your phone or ipad fully charged and ready to go if you would like to try this out! there won’t be access to plugs, so you do need to be all charged up! also, i don’t think you will have room for a laptop, so phones or pads only. i am still doing written directions, but i think being able to view and enlarge portions of the photos will help you.

please let me know if you have any questions. i am finishing up prep now!


3 thoughts on “{EERILY ENCHANTED} halloween altered book

  1. Hi Tami, Can’t wait! Will u b txtng or emailing the pics to us? Or will we capture them from ur blog?

  2. i will be passing out the web link in class. i’ve tried it out on my phone and am VERY happy with the pic quality and ease of use. not sure how it will work for everyone – but fingers crossed it will work ok for everyone! been looking into snapguide, but they don’t have a “private” setting yet – so trying this instead.

  3. Tami, do you have a date for the Christmas book. yet? Thanks. Kathy Miller

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