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happy father’s day!

it’s father’s day… a day set aside to celebrate our dads and all the wonderful things they do for us.

the past few months have been a little rough for our family – with dad finding out that he had cancer, and all the tests, procedures and stress that comes with that diagnosis. hopefully dad will be lucky and the treatment will be successful. he only has 2 more radiation sessions to go, then we have to wait a month or so to find out if he’s all clear. i know he’s had a lot of people praying for him, and that has helped all of us along during this time.

since this has been such a stressful time, i wanted to let dad know how much i cared, but at the same time, i was looking for a way to lighten things up a bit. i think i found a way to do both…

i was at a scrapbook retreat this weekend, and really just wanted to piddle around a bit. i had a lot of things i’d been wanting to try out, but hadn’t had much playtime lately. one of the things i had recently purchased and wanted to play with was a set of fairy stamps – TOTALLY impractical for me – mom of 2 boys. what do i need fairy stamps for? but i REALLY wanted them and figured i could make cards with them. i got them out to work with, and was telling charlotte, tinka and lulu that what i REALLY needed to be making were father’s day cards – NOT fairy cards! LOL! well lulu popped off and said “why don’t you make cards that say have a “FAIRY” happy father’s day” {you know – fairy instead of “very”}. i thought that was an EXCELLENT suggestion – of course i’d only had about 4 hours sleep in a 36 hour period and it was about 3AM, that might have had something to do with it!

so here it is… i give you MY father’s day card…

father's day card

 i’ll write something special on the inside, so i can STILL let my dad know he’s special, but hopefully the card itself will inject a little touch of humor into the day! {i made one for rob too, i didn’t want him to get jealous! LOL!}

i realize that most of you PROBABLY wouldn’t want to make this card for father’s day, but scraplift it for a b-day card or get well card!

happy father’s day!

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