ribbon storage…

it seems like i’ve been trying to organize my scrapbook stuff FOREVER! i’m convinced that i’ll never actually get around to turning my office into a real scrapbook room — i’m just destined to keep organizing and reorganizing until i’m too old to care! LOL!

i’ve been talking about converting my office to a REAL scrapspace for over a year. i’ve got all the $$$ i need saved up to make that a reality, but i just can’t seem to find the time to get all my ducks in a row and get everything cleared out to actually do it.

right now, my dining room has become the main “depository” for most of my supplies. i keep trying to sort everything into bins, shoeboxes and snapware, but then i’ll need something for a class or project and go tearing through everything to find it. then of course, those supplies go into a tote or something else for me to cart the stuff off in, and then when i’m done with it i DON’T take the time to put it back where it came from, i just park the tote in the dining room! it’s an endless cycle that i’ve got to break. i REALLY need a nice space to work in – one where i can actually lay my hands on what i need without a 2 hour search. and where i’m inspired by being able to SEE my stuff!

so, at any rate, last night i was working on ribbon. one of my “goals” in organizing my supplies is to have “at home” stuff and “away” stuff. i need my “away” stuff to be a nice assortment of supplies packed and organized in containers that i can easily grab and go. most of my “away” stuff has been put in snapware, which seems to be working nicely so far. (remember that post awhile back that showed off all my newly sorted stuff? i’ve managed to keep MOST of them nice and neat!). so – back to the ribbon. for someone with 2 boys, i seem to have an AWFUL lot of ribbon, a whole HUGE tote of it. i’m not sure how i’ll ultimately store it in my scraproom, but i did want it all neatly rolled and in one place. i decided to leave them all on their original rolls, i wasn’t inclined to reroll that much stuff! but then, i had to figure out what to do for my “away” ribbon stash. what could i put that in where it would be neat and visible and stay that way after being carted back and forth. i remembered that i had made a ribbon box awhile back, but hadn’t used it recently. i dug it out to take a look and see if i wanted to use it or get rid of it.

i recalled that it held quite a bit of full size spools, and that i didn’t have much trouble in pulling out what i needed. the ribbons didn’t get tangled too frequently. i tried a few other storage options, but none was as quick and easy to use. so i decided to keep it! i took everything out and then filled it back up again with a nice assortment of colors and patterns.

i decided that it might be nice to post a pic of it, and some general directions for making one of your own… i know there are some ribbon totes out there that hold BOATLOADS of ribbons, but i watched people taking all their ribbons off the roll and reroll them in order to pack the bag – and that’s just not “my bag”! LOL! i also seem to remember some of those same people (and yes, you know who you are!) taking them out of those bags and rerolling their ribbons to store them another way!

so here’s the box that i made…

[rockyou id=139326555&w=426&h=320]

i used an old shoebox that had an attached lid to make my ribbon box. first i covered it with papers, then inked them. i reinforced the hinge on the box with a strip of twill tape. then i used paint and foam letter stamps to add “ribbon” to the top of the box. after that, i just punched holes in the side, i was able to fit about 30 holes in mine. i staggered them, some low, some in the middle and some high, but not really in rows. then i added reinforcements, that matched my paint colors, that i punched out of cardstock. the closures are just those snap like things they have on suspenders. there are 2 parts and you snap them together. i punched holes in the lower part of the side of the box and attached those snaps, then i punched holes in the side of the lid and threaded through ponytail holders (with those metal things that hold them together) that way, i could pull the pony tail holder down and hook it over the snap to hold the lid closed. you might be able to come up with something simpler!  to load the ribbons, i pulled the first spools closest to the holes through the bottom or middle holes, so that the ribbons ran under the spools. the back row of spools go in the higher holes and run where the ribbon goes over the spools. just like TP – do you like it to roll over or under! LOL!

if you make one of your own, be sure to send pics so i can see what YOU made!

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