disney’s UP…

i am NOTa film buff, that is my dh’s area of expertise. he likes to watch obscure indie films, to learn about the director, the cinematographer, etc… he is always going up to austin’s alamo drafthouse for some premier or film festival. me, about as deep as i get is old shirley temple, audry hepburn or gene kelley flicks. my favorite genre, outside of oldies, is romantic comedies. i’m just not that into films. and i’ve never gone so far as to write a commentary on one, but here i am about to launch into one about UP.

my hubbie almost always wisks the kids off to see this or that on a saturday while i’m teaching or at a crop, i don’t ever seem to get to take them to anything – they’ve already “seen it with daddy”. so since they are out of school, i was determined i’d take them to see UP before rob had a chance to!

mimi at scrapbook 911 was going on and on about it the other day {of course she trains guide dogs and is very into all things canine)} i had seen the previews and it sounded cute, a typical kid’s movie. i was TOTALLY unprepared for what i saw!

i cried like a baby all through that stupid film! disney finally got it right! they FINALLY figured out HOW to make a film that appeals to both kids AND adults. and they did it WITHOUT resorting to showing bar maid’s cleavage, or scantily clothed – impossibly proportioned princesses, or mild “adult” humor and innuendoes. they did it by beginning with a story that we can all relate to as parents, or grandparents, or simply as married adults. and they did it with pictures set to music, not many words, just scenes in the lives of an average couple who started out life as most of us do, with more that average hopes, dreams and expectations. since there was not a lot of dialogue that went into this particular portion of the story, smaller children would not  pick up on what was really going on, but as a married, middle aged adult – it hit me right in the HEART! of course all the funny antics and escapades that you expect of a disney flick were there too, but this marvelous poignant story of one couples’ life was interwoven in it.

and i am telling you, that the 15 napkins i brought in for the buttery popcorn were NOT enough to dry up all the leakage that was going! at one point, i think i let out a small sob! now i’ve been known to cry during movies, rob always knows at what point in the movie i’m about to sniffle, and he’ll look over to see if he’s right! it’s aggravating, but he usually is – a tear has usually just begun it’s descent when he looks over at me! LOL! but i don’t know when i’ve cried as much! maybe i’m having a mid-life crisis. i DO feel that those of us that are 40 something or older, will be hit much harder that the younger crowd.

so — if you haven’t seen it, i would HIGHLY recommend you smuggle in a BOX of kleenex with you, and don’t feel like you HAVE to take the kids with you – i think you’ll enjoy it without them too!

if you DO see it, or have seen it and liked it, i would suggest that you drop disney a note and tell them you like what they did. i for one found it a refreshing change from their usual attempts to entertain the adults!

signed – tami the flick-chick! LOL!

One thought on “disney’s UP…

  1. I totally agree with your review. At least you had napkins. I simply had a wet hand.


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