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my little monster{s}…

the monsters? my kiddos of course! LOL! i DO love them though – even when they turn into shaggy, rough & tumble, barely recognizable monsters!

Daisy Bucket released their MY LITTLE MONSTERS collection several months ago…  and it’s such an ADORABLE collection too, kristi really outdid herself!

when my lss got the line in, i did a sample layout for them using it. i took the layout down quite awhile ago, as the paper sold out QUICKLY, and it’s been sitting here, waiting for me to put photos on it ever since. and it’s been sitting, and sitting, and sitting,  and sitting – well – you get the idea! i didn’t want to post it until i DID put photos on it, but i’m tired of staring at it, and i haven’t found the time to dig out the photos i wanted to use on it – so here it is, in all it’s unfinished glory! LOL!

<br />

it’s a pretty simple little layout, something quick and cute to scraplift if you like… i freehanded the hearts and the letters, so if you would like a scan of them so you can print it out and use it as a template to make your own, just e-mail me HERE {just click my name on the page that comes up}

and if you DO make the layout or your version of it, and DO add photos of your little monster{s}, e-mail me a copy, i’d love to see it!

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