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tami sanders is a paper crafter that teaches locally and does design work for a few companies…

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farmer’s market line * shabby green door *

i posted awhile back that DAISY BUCKET had a new division called SHABBY GREEN DOOR and that the first line they introduced was FARMER’S MARKET

well, i just received a shipment – “fresh from the farm” so to speak – of this new line! i really like the papers; reds, blues, greens and yellows done in tones and designs that remind me of 50’s calico fabrics — fresh, fun and soft from a few washings!

i needed to do a layout, but didn’t have just the right photos for it; fortunately for me, laura e. did! she had photos of her family out picking blueberries, and the colors went just PERFECT with the FARMER’S MARKET line. {THANKS LAURA!}

here’s the layout featuring: maddie, katie, adam and nathan…

fresh - 600


here are the basic instructions to scraplift this layout if you would like:

1) pieces of BLUEBERRY COBBLER, SWEET PEAS and STRAWBERRY JAM printed papers were collaged on the PRISM Kraft cardstock background…

2) “u-pick blueberries” from FRESH PICKED rub on was applied to stamped label. small rub-on blueberries were adhered with 3D dots. BLUEBERRY TWIST was tied around tag…

3) JOURNAL BLOCK stamp was stamped on BLUE RIBBON  RECIPE printed paper and cut out…

4) stickers from SPREAD JOY were layered – the strawberry and blueberry sticker was adhered to the center of the month sticker. then a small red rub on star from COUNTRY FAIR set was used to mark the month…

5) MARKET TYPESET chipboard alpha letters were inked with ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink – Bisque, then outlined with a white pen for the title…

6) “SWEET” strip is from SWEET PEAS printed paper…

7) flowers were made from ribbon, leaves were cut from AT THE MARKET printed paper, button centers complete them…

thanks again to laura for sharing her pictures with me!




Daisy Bucket has just launched their new division SHABBY GREEN DOOR!

their first line is called FARMER’S MARKET and it is SO fresh and SO fun! it’s perfect for summer layouts – especially those involving FOOD like picnics! it’s also great for recipe cards and books – it reminds me of a county fair!

they’ve got lots of cute embellies too: stamps, rub-ons, stickers, chipboard and bags and jars too. and i think the TWISTS are a unique addition too! i can just see cute little tags tied to jars and such using it.

i am not positive when the line will be hitting stores, but it will be pretty quick!

so head on over to the new site and take a look around.  i know they’ve been working REAL hard on this new launch, so if you like what you see, drop cassandra and the gang an e-mail at info@shabbygreendoor.com, and let them KNOW! i’m sure they’d appreciate it.


my little monster{s}…

the monsters? my kiddos of course! LOL! i DO love them though – even when they turn into shaggy, rough & tumble, barely recognizable monsters!

Daisy Bucket released their MY LITTLE MONSTERS collection several months ago…  and it’s such an ADORABLE collection too, kristi really outdid herself!

when my lss got the line in, i did a sample layout for them using it. i took the layout down quite awhile ago, as the paper sold out QUICKLY, and it’s been sitting here, waiting for me to put photos on it ever since. and it’s been sitting, and sitting, and sitting,  and sitting – well – you get the idea! i didn’t want to post it until i DID put photos on it, but i’m tired of staring at it, and i haven’t found the time to dig out the photos i wanted to use on it – so here it is, in all it’s unfinished glory! LOL!

<br />

it’s a pretty simple little layout, something quick and cute to scraplift if you like… i freehanded the hearts and the letters, so if you would like a scan of them so you can print it out and use it as a template to make your own, just e-mail me HERE {just click my name on the page that comes up}

and if you DO make the layout or your version of it, and DO add photos of your little monster{s}, e-mail me a copy, i’d love to see it!


earth day…

my kids are definitely “greener” than i am…

they know the lingo, they know what can be recycled and what can’t, they talk about earth day – i know they have learned about it at school, and i’m equally sure, they don’t quite understand what “green” is all about!

probably my biggest green contribution is that i like old stuff – so i reuse and repurpose things i find at flea markets and estate sales. i love the look of flowers in an old chipped pitcher or vase…


and when i planted flowers this spring, i used several vintage containers…


my favorite new find is also in the garden, i found this piece of wrought iron someone had probably welded together from some scraps. i was lucky enough to find a clay bowl that fit it perfectly too!


i also sell some of my unique finds on e-bay, so i guess you could say i help others recycle too! LOL!

i wanted to make a simple little card for earth day, and remembered i had some CORE’DINIATIONS cardstock that i’d been wanting to play with. i had been talking about the cardstock with my friend charlotte at the scrapbook retreat last weekend. she got some in her pinecone press book club kit. so i pulled it out, and combined it with an idea i had awhile back…

i kept thinking that it would be nice if i could emboss with my stamps, you know, just rub over them and get a nice design. well, most stamps aren’t firm enough for that unless you are using REALLY light-weight paper. so i thought about my using my watermark stamp pad to stamp the design with, then embossing it using my stylus. i am quite sure this is NOT an original thought here, just an original thought for me! LOL! so i stamped my image on the backside of the cardstock, embossed the design using a stylus while working on a magazine covered in a sheet of white paper {you don’t want any of the print to transfer to the “good side” of your work}. when i turned it over, there it was – my stamp – embossed! of course, now i could do several things with it, ink it lightly to get it to stand out, or maybe sand it. since i was using the core’dintations cardstock though, which has a color core – of COURSE i chose to sand it! it came out great, the areas that i embossed showed up as a lighter shade of the cardstock, and the raised details from the embossing added dimension. the technique was pretty simple, here’s the finished card…


here are the directions if you want to make your own!


Core-dinations – cardstock  – flower power – green, blue and brown, Daisy Bucket – stamp – curly tree, Clearsnap – watermark ink pad, 3D dots, file, black pen and chipboard


1) cut a 5 X 10 piece of chipboard; score at 5″ and fold in half to make card. {chipboard is hard to fold unless you score first}

2) stamp tree top on back of green cardstock and tree trunk on back of brown cardstock using watermark ink.

3) emboss designs using stylus, be sure you press hard enough to emboss well, but not hard enough to tear. it helps to work on a slightly cushioned surface, like a magazine.

4) turn over, sand lightly to bring out the embossed design, then cut out and glue trunk to top.

5) outline card in black ink.

6) for background crumple a piece of blue cardstock. uncrumble, tear edges and lightly sand to distress. adhere to card by just tacking in a few places so that it doesn’t lie perfectly flat.

7) adhere tree using 3D dots

8) add sentiment.

[rockyou id=136491049&w=426&h=320]

enjoy the day! get some fresh air and get your GREEN on!

daisy bucket projects!

i just added this post to the DAISY BUCKET BLOG, but thought i’d go ahead and post it here too… {and yes – i KNOW that i already shared the first project, but i didn’t want to delete the previous post because there are links to it that are still up}

if you haven’t been to their blog, you might just want to check it out – there are some AMAZINGLY talented women on the team {and no, i am not including myself in that flattery!}

4/21 Daisy Bucket post {adding color to your stamps…}

i like to stamp, but i admit, i find myself stamping with black ink a lot, or just stamping a title or sentiment in one color. but there is a WHOLE rainbow of colors out there, and it’s pretty easy to bring them into your stamping. and i’m not just talking about dabbing your stamp into one new color at a time, i’m talking about filling your stamped images with color – LOTS of color…

i always liked to color when i was little… there was something VERY relaxing about opening that big box of 64 colors and rubbing them across the newsprint type paper that they used in coloring books “in the olden days”! LOL! the crayons went on smooth as silk – gliding across the page and filling that black and white image with color. now-a-days, the crayons are waxy and the paper is smooth and it’s just not the same. but if you are like me, you can revive your love of coloring, just in a new way – with your stamps! 2 of the techniques below begin with a black and white stamped image that you get to color in, just remember to STAY IN THE LINES! LOL! (or cheat like me and emboss your image so it’s easier to stay in those darn lines!

i’ve done 3 cards, each with a different technique for adding color to your stamping. i used papers from the LITTLE BLACK DRESS line as well as black and white cardstocks, black ink, and black and white embossing powders (are you beginning to sense a theme?) i wanted EVERYTHING to begin as black and white, so that the colors we were adding would REALLY POP!

for this first project, i used a new product called Smooch. it’s a pearlized ink that you paint on with a brush in the handle. the brush has a semi-rigid, REALLY tiny tip that lets you get into small areas easily. the colors are gorgeous, and they bring a LOT of color to a simple black and white image…

Happy Thoughts Card



Daisy Bucket: Little Black Dress – Dinner with Friends printed paper, Stamps – caterpillar, row of grass, label, happy thoughts and dragonfly

Other: Clearsnap:  SMOOCH – gold lame, siren, pumpkin, azure and green apple, Top Boss tinted embossing stamp pad, Top Boss embossing powders – white and black, Prism: black and white cardstock, 3D dots, rhinestones and heat gun


1) cut a 4″ X 12″ piece of white cardstock and fold in half to make card.

2) cut a 3″ X 3 1/2″ piece of striped paper and adhere to card.

3) stamp dragonflies, caterpillar and grass on black cardstock using embossing pad. emboss with white embossing powder.

4) color stamps using SMOOCH, then cut out.

5) stamp label on white cardstock using embossing pad, then stamp verse inside label. emboss with black embossing powder.

6) color in label, then cut out.

7) adhere elements to card, using 3D dots to adhere caterpillar and label then add rhinestones to dragonflies.

[rockyou id=136300128&w=426&h=320] 

next… i used pencils by Prismacolor, they are nice and smooth and glide on nicely! they have a blender pencil that lets you smooth several colors together so you can add shading easily…

Great Day Card 

























Daisy Bucket: Little Black Dress – Black Tie Affair printed paper, Stamps – layered daisy, great day and striped square

Other: Sanford: Primsacolor colored pencils – 2 shades each – light and dark – pink, yellow and blue, Clearsnap: ColorBox Chalk Ink – blackbird and pastel pink, Prism – white cardstock, 3D dots and pink rhinestone


1) cut a 7 X 8 piece of white cardstock and fold in half lengthwise to make a 3 1/2 X 8 card.

2) cut and adhere a 2 X 8 piece of polka dot paper to card.

3) stamp 5 flowers on white cardstock using black ink.

4) color 2 flowers pink with blue centers, and 2 flowers blue with pink centers, each with yellow middle petals. color 1 flower yellow with pink center petals and add a pink rhinestone at the center.

—  to color and shade: begin with the darker color, and go around outside of large petals, add lighter color at center of petals, then use belnder   to combine and smooth out the 2. for the center petals, begin with the darker color at the part nearest the center, then add the lighter color at the tip of the petal, then blend. you can go over the colors again to add depth and a deeper color, just remember to blend each time!

5) cut out flowers and adhere pink and blue ones to card.

6) stamp the striped block using pink ink. when dry, add yellow color to the white areas of the stripe. then cut out, leaving a 1/8 border around the edge. color the border using blue, go over the colors with the blender to smooth.

7) ink the edge of the block in black ink and adhere to card.

8) adhere yellow flower using 3D dot.

[rockyou id=136454891&w=426&h=320] 

and finally, and this is probably the EASIEST techinique because it’s not really coloring,  just stamp your image on printed paper!

Hip Hip Hooray! Card 



Daisy Bucket: Little Black Dress – Out on the Town printed paper, Perfect Harmony – Avery, Stamps – birdie and hip hip hooray

Other:  Clearsnap: Top Boss – embossing stamp pad and black embossing powder, Prism – white  and black cardstock, Marvy – 2″ circle punch, 3D dots and rhinestone


1) cut a 5 X 10 piece of white cardstock and fold in half to make card.

2) cut a 2 3/4 X 5 piece of black cardstock and adhere to card.

3) cut a 2 1/4 X 5 piece of polka dot paper and adhere to card.

4) stamp and emboss birds on pink, blue and yellow printed paper; cut out and adhere to card.

5) stamp and emboss sentiment; then punch out.

6) ink edges of circle and adhere to the card using 3D dots.

7) add rhinestones to flower center on birds.

 [rockyou id=136455462&w=426&h=320]

i hope you enjoy these projects and techniques and will give them a try to bring a little COLOR into the basic black and white!

—tami {dt member}

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more SMOOCH projects!

i did a post on the new CLEARSNAP product SMOOCH a few weeks ago, and the response has been BIG!  HUGE in fact!

for those of you who missed it, and are unfamiliar with SMOOCH, it’s a new pearlized ink – think ink you can paint with! and it’s available in 8 lipsmaking colors! the brush makes it REALLY special though, you can really get into teeny-tiny places, it’s firm, not floppy like a regular brush, and the long handle gives great balance and makes it easy to apply!

so i have been working on some more projects using SMOOCH, and i’ll be posting them as well as all the directions you need to make them yourself!

first up, is this card…


the papers and stamps are by DAISY BUCKET.

if you want to make one of your own, just follow the directions and view the step by step slide show!



Clearsnap: SMOOCH – gold lame, siren, pumpkin, azure and green apple, Top Boss tinted embossing stamp pad, Top Boss embossing powders – white and black

Daisy Bucket: Little Black Dress – Dinner with Friends printed paper, Stamps – caterpillar, row of grass, label, happy thoughts and dragonfly

Other: black and white cardstock, 3D dots, rhinestones and heat gun:


1) cut a 4″ X 12″ piece of white cardstock and fold in half to make card.

2) cut a 3″ X 3 1/2″ piece of striped paper and adhere to card.

3) stamp dragonflies, caterpillar and grass on black cardstock using embossing pad. emboss with white embossing powder.

4) color stamps using SMOOCH, then cut out.

5) stamp label on white cardstock using embossing pad, then stamp verse inside label. emboss with black embossing powder.

6) color in label, then cut out.

7) adhere elements to card, using 3D dots to adhere caterpillar and label then add rhinestones to dragonflies.

[rockyou id=136300128&w=426&h=320]

i just LOVE this new product! it really does what it says it will do, and the colors and shimmer are AMAZING! i used BLACK cardstock on this project, just so you could see how well SMOOCH covers, and it only took ONE coat!

stay tuned for a few more cards and maybe a sneak peek at another project using SMOOCH next week!

P.S.: for those of you who are locals, a shipment of SMOOCH should be arriving at SCRAPBOOK 911 on MONDAY! but call first to make sure it DID arrive, and that supplies ARE still available. i did a demo during the retreat, so some of that order is already spoken for!

P.S.S.: for you non-locals, SMOOCH is now available online directly from CLEARSNAP!



i know valentine’s day is over, and although i’m VERY fond of all of you — i’m NOT blowing you kisses! LOL!

SMOOCH is a new product from CLEARSNAP; it’s SO new in fact, that it’s not up on their website — yet! but it is in their new catalog, so hopefully a store near you ordered it at CHA!

i REALLY love this product; it’s unique, it’s easy to use and it’s BEAUTIFUL! it comes in 8 fabulous pearlized colors, take a look…


okay – so it’s pretty – but what is it and what can i do with it?

what it is is an ink that is acid-free, archival and quick drying. it’s packaged in a cute little container with a wonderful paintbrush like applicator built into the “lid”. the applicator has a tiny, precise tip that enables you to get the ink right where you want it. you can use it on paper, clay, glass, etc.

i used it to color in embossed areas on 2 cards. on the first card, i used a DESIGN ADHESIVE, also by Clearsnap, and embossed it using white embossing powder (top boss –  by clearsnap). i wanted to show how well the SMOOCH shows up even on darker colored paper, so i started with a brown card as my base…

[rockyou id=133829725&w=426&h=320]

i decided that although i liked the brown background around the flowers, i wanted more POP to my card, so i cut out the border, and mounted it using 3D dots to a lime green card. i added the verse using a stamp from DAISY BUCKET inked with a tinted embossing pad, then embossed it in white (pad and powder by Clearsnap). as you can see, i was able to get into all the tiny little nooks and crannies of the design because of the great little applicator! plus, i LOVE that i don’t have to hunt down a brush everytime i want to use the ink, the brush is right there!

here’s another card i made, this time i started with a white card, and stamped and embossed using a tinted embossing pad and black embossing powder (Clearsnap) (flower stamp by Daisy Bucket).

then i just started “painting” in my design, filling in each little area with the shimmery, pearly colors!

[rockyou id=133830151&w=426&h=320]

you can see how BLINGY the inks are! and since they dry quick, they are PERFECT for your paper projects!

so, if you’ve wanted an alternative way to add some color to your stamped images – here’s a great way to do it! i’m sure there’s LOTS of other things you can do with these new inks as well, and i’m off to do some more experimenting!

UPDATE: as per Clearsnap — this product should be available at a lss or craft store near you NOW! IF — they ordered it! so be sure to ask for it. if you can’t find it locally, then it will be available directly from CLEARSNAP about mid-april.

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{DAISY BUCKET} CHA sneak peek!!!

wanna take a peek at some projects using some of the BRAND spanking new lines from Daisy Bucket?

well here’s a few!

first up are a card and layout using the new NANTUCKET ISLAND line…

[rockyou id=131480458&w=426&h=319]

then, here’s another card and layout using the LITTLE BLACK DRESS line…

[rockyou id=131489578&w=426&h=320]

their other 2 Brand New lines are: POSH POSIES and  MY LITTLE MONSTERS

i also did these projects using the newer, already released IN THE MEADOW line…

[rockyou id=131490091&w=426&h=320]

and here is a Christmas layout (i’m sure you haven’t scrapped ALL your Christmas pics yet) and a Christmas card (get started early and be ready for next year!) the line used for these projects is called MERRY WISHES and it’s already been released as well. i also made a valentine card – “you make me smile” – using this line. it can be used for MORE than just your holiday photos –  the red, aqua and brown color palette make it suitable for a variety of themes.

[rockyou id=131490588&w=426&h=320]

and last – but NOT least – is their new Valentine/Love line called LOVES ME-LOVES ME NOT.  This line has also already been released and is in stores NOW! here’s a layout,  a project and 3 valentines  i made using the line:

[rockyou id=131491468&w=426&h=320]

they also have BRAND new stamps, rub ons and chipboard!!! the BIGGEST – and i do mean BIGGEST news is their new chipboard banners they are GI-NORMOUS! 12 X 23 pieces in 2 different shapes! they also have the same shapes in smaller 5 X 10 pieces – i used the smaller ones in my project. click HERE to see ALL the new DAISY BUCKET stuff!

i know most of the other DT members have already uploaded projects into the 2peas gallery, so you can search there too for MORE great ideas!

if YOU have done a project using one of these lines, or ANY of the Daisy Bucket lines and you want to show it off, please send it my way! i’d love to share it on the blog!


calendar kits are ready!!!

i make calendar kits every year, and each year they are a little different!

this year, they are REALLY different! each calendar has 12 – 6 X 6 acrylic pages, and both sides of each page is embellished. each month has 2 pages – a calendar page and a photo page that coordinates. the pages hang on a wooden stand (built by mike at SB911). the pages are designed so that when they are hung,  the calendar page for that month will be in front, and the back side will show the co-ordinating photo page. to change months you just flip the top page over and you are all set for the next month! at the end of the year, you can take it off the stand and have a nice little mini album of 2009. there is also a little note pad that hangs beside the calendar so you can jot down birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, etc for the month.

2009 calendar kits

2009 calendar kits

the kits sell for 42.99 and include EVERYTHING except paint and adhesive! and YES the stand IS included too! all the papers are precut, there is a guide to help you glue all the pages together uniformly and there is a complete set of directions – which includes color photos of each and every page!

for those of you out-of-towners, you can call or e-mail me or SB911 and have a kit mailed out to you if you are interested in one.

if you ARE interested in a kit, i suggest you snag one QUICKLY! i only asked mike to make 24 stands, so there were only 23 kits available. these make great gifts for those hard-to-shop for people on your Christmas list too!

i also have some cute little matchbook calendar kits available as well. they sell for 9.99 and make great stocking stuffers! they are available in several different colors.

matchbook calendar kit
matchbook calendar kit

that’s it for now, but i DID get some BRAND spanking new products from Reminisce and Dasiy Bucket this week, and i hope to have projects up using them soon!

daisy bucket cha sneak peak!

you can view the 3 new lines by daisy bucket RIGHT NOW on their website!

there is PERFECT HARMONY, a beautiful springy line in soft pastel colors and cute little designs! there are stripes, polka dots and lots of pretty flowers as well as one adorable little birdie!

next up is IN THE MEADOW, in addition for being great for nature photos, this line is also perfect for boys! lime greens, aquas and browns. lots of stripes, dots with just a few flowers sprinkled in.

and then there is PLAYFUL PETALS, i REALLY like this one! pretty, “girly” colors, pinks, lime greens, and aquas mixed with fresh white! those with girls will LOVE this one, but if you stick with the blues and greens, it works for boys too!

a few “special” stores will get to order A WONDROUS WORLD, a fun and unique “green” line! if you like it, tell your lss you want it!

also brand spanking new for daisy bucket is a line of RUB ONS, and BOY did they do it right! you’ll find fresh and fun designs in a multitude of colors that coordinate with their lines, with special quotes and saying that you won’t find anywhere else.

they also have introduced a LOT of new stamps in fabulous designs that again, coordinate with the papers. click HERE to see the stamps and rub ons, just scroll down past the papers.

daisy bucket won’t be at CHA, but they are taking orders NOW for these very soon to be released lines. so if you see something you like, PLEASE TELL YOUR LSS!

if you are unfamiliar with daisy bucket, let me tell you that their papers are FANTASTIC! not only are the designs fresh, bright and unique, but the paper has a wonderful texture and a linen-like feel. it is GREAT to work with. the photos of the papers on the website don’t do them justice, they are MUCH prettier in person!