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i know valentine’s day is over, and although i’m VERY fond of all of you — i’m NOT blowing you kisses! LOL!

SMOOCH is a new product from CLEARSNAP; it’s SO new in fact, that it’s not up on their website — yet! but it is in their new catalog, so hopefully a store near you ordered it at CHA!

i REALLY love this product; it’s unique, it’s easy to use and it’s BEAUTIFUL! it comes in 8 fabulous pearlized colors, take a look…


okay – so it’s pretty – but what is it and what can i do with it?

what it is is an ink that is acid-free, archival and quick drying. it’s packaged in a cute little container with a wonderful paintbrush like applicator built into the “lid”. the applicator has a tiny, precise tip that enables you to get the ink right where you want it. you can use it on paper, clay, glass, etc.

i used it to color in embossed areas on 2 cards. on the first card, i used a DESIGN ADHESIVE, also by Clearsnap, and embossed it using white embossing powder (top boss –  by clearsnap). i wanted to show how well the SMOOCH shows up even on darker colored paper, so i started with a brown card as my base…

[rockyou id=133829725&w=426&h=320]

i decided that although i liked the brown background around the flowers, i wanted more POP to my card, so i cut out the border, and mounted it using 3D dots to a lime green card. i added the verse using a stamp from DAISY BUCKET inked with a tinted embossing pad, then embossed it in white (pad and powder by Clearsnap). as you can see, i was able to get into all the tiny little nooks and crannies of the design because of the great little applicator! plus, i LOVE that i don’t have to hunt down a brush everytime i want to use the ink, the brush is right there!

here’s another card i made, this time i started with a white card, and stamped and embossed using a tinted embossing pad and black embossing powder (Clearsnap) (flower stamp by Daisy Bucket).

then i just started “painting” in my design, filling in each little area with the shimmery, pearly colors!

[rockyou id=133830151&w=426&h=320]

you can see how BLINGY the inks are! and since they dry quick, they are PERFECT for your paper projects!

so, if you’ve wanted an alternative way to add some color to your stamped images – here’s a great way to do it! i’m sure there’s LOTS of other things you can do with these new inks as well, and i’m off to do some more experimenting!

UPDATE: as per Clearsnap — this product should be available at a lss or craft store near you NOW! IF — they ordered it! so be sure to ask for it. if you can’t find it locally, then it will be available directly from CLEARSNAP about mid-april.

5 thoughts on “SMOOCH!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing that! I picked up a set of them today at my LSS and they didn’t have very many to begin with! I can’t wait to play with them!



  2. Thanks for sharing your info on this new product. Glad you showed the pictures on the brush. I visioned it to be similar to nail polish.


  3. wow, these look gorgeous! Finally! I’ve been waiting forever for something like this to come out. I have these project ideas and this is perfect! I really hope I’ll be able to find them somewhere as we don’t really live in an area that sells things like this.

  4. thanks for the review on these. I saw them posted someplace right after cha and was wondering what they are like. so they work on non porous surfaces huh?? they might be cool on transparencies too! ;)

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