get ready to say awwww…..

i just had to brag on my dh, he did REAL good on valentine’s day!

we actually waited to celebrate valentine’s day until Monday, since i had a BIG class {thanks to all who came to my altered book class!} on saturday and rob took my son and 7 of his friends to play lasertag OVERNITE from midnite to 6AM saturday night to celebrate drew’s 13th b-day! we were both a little tuckered out on sunday! LOL!

we went to see Valentine’s Day the movie at alamo drafthouse first, then we went over to north star mall. i haven’t stepped foot in that mall for 5 years, the last time i was there was when i took drew to a build-a-bear field trip in second grade.

i wasn’t sure why we were there, and was even more puzzled when rob stopped at a random bench and sat down. he told me he was giving me $300 to spend HOWEVER i wanted to on WHATEVER i wanted to – but he catch was, i HAD to spend it in THREE hours! if there was any money left after that i had to give it back! he knows that i don’t often shop for myself, even when i head out to shop for me, i usually end up buying things for the kids or him. so he wanted me to shop ONLY for me on whatever i wanted. well, this WAS a challenge! i didn’t even know what shops i wanted to go to since i hadn’t been there in so long. and i have a terrible time shopping, i can try on 20 things and not like ANY of them, so ther pressure was on.

we started at macy’s, i just grabbed anything and everything that i liked – and for once, didn’t really look at the prices – i NEVER buy anything that isn’t on sale, that’s just the way i shop. but there wasn’t time to look for the sales! as usual, i didn’t like any of the dozen or so things i tried on, so i made a second go-around, and found a top and pair of pants i liked. turned out they were both on sale :) ,so i was only $75 down.

next, we went to penny’s, and i managed to find 2 tops i liked – again – they were on sale :) BONUS, so that was about $40.

then i HAD to stop for some sugar, i was getting light headed. all that frantic shopping, and dashing around, yanking clothes off and on – so i quickly gulped down a soda and the clock was ticking and i had about 30 minutes left!

we headed to dillard’s, which is a LONG way down the mall, by the time we got there – we had trouble finding the right floor, and i’d stopped to pick out some PJ’s, i only had 11 minutes left! i wandered through the department, grabbing things as i went, and ran to try them on. i found a dressy top and tank to go with the pants i’d already bought, again – everything happened to be on sale :) – and the total only came to $125, and time was up. so i had to hand over the $60 left over to rob. oh well! even when i’m not trying to shop for things on sale, the sale ends up finding me! LOL!

it was a lot of fun, and i thought – a very thoughtful present! rob did say he got the idea at christmas from a radio host who did it for his staff, but he still gets credit for actually DOING it for me!

afterwards, we had a delicious meal at cheescake factory, i hadn’t been there before.

so now, you can say awww….

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