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new REMINISCE contest!

Reminisce just announced the winners of their last contest, and already they have introduced a brand NEW contest! GET REAL with REAL SPORTS!

in this latest contest from Reminisce, 5 CA$H prizes will be awarded with the top prize for 1st place being a WHOPPING $500.00!!!

so if you have a sporty kid, or a sports fanatic in your house, i would recommend you get CRAFTING!

the REAL SPORTS line by Reminisce, which was a CHA release, should be hitting your LSS or online store soon if it’s not already available. a few lucky winners {PAM S ;) } were lucky to have won the ENTIRE collection on the Reminisce Blog recently, so they should DEFINITELY be entering this contest!

please head over to the Reminisce BLOG for all of the contest details. they are trying to REALLY keep things hopping over there, so make sure you bookmark and check the blog frequently, you can also join them on facebook and twitter.

good luck to all the entrants!

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