just a few tidbits…

first off, the BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC Reminisce Passports Dream Travel Contest is over and the winners have been announced! head on over to the BLOG to see the winning entries! they are ALL amazing!

i have to send a special SHOUT OUT to one of the winners – LISA HARRIS! if you remember a few months back, Lisa was the winner of my Passports RAK! she used the supplies she received to create her prize-winning entry! isn’t that cool? “Hey Lisa” – what’s my cut of the prize pack YOU’LL get from Reminisce? LOL!

and, just a funny story that was shared with me about one of my CHA projects. there is just a PRIZE PIG mentality that make some people will try to take ANYTHING that isn’t nailed down, and sometimes they’ll even try to pry those things up too! LOL! if you are working a booth at CHA, you REALLY have to be deligent to be sure that only the goodies that are SUPPOSED to be taken are what people are grabbing.

apparently, the candy that the Reminisce staff set out for people to help themselves to was NOT enough for one lady, she had her eye on the marshmallows in my Smores Gift Basket {see below}. YES – she was actually digging into a COMPLETELY sealed and wrapped gift basket! even if she didn’t realize that it was a project that was for DISPLAY purposes {and come on, how could you miss that!}, what made her think that SHE was the one who should rip the thing open? well, i guess that the Pioneer Photo Tape that i’m always recommending did the job, because she couldn’t get the bag of marshmallows open! and the Reminisce staff was able to spot and stop her before she found some scissors or something to finish the job! LOL!

can you believe that? LOL! i guess my display was just TOO TEMPTING!

3 thoughts on “just a few tidbits…

  1. Tami, that was my comment above . . . my fingers got a little ahead of myself and pushed submit! LOL =)

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