a few photos…

i realized that i hadn’t posted pics of the kiddos in their halloween costumes this year!

well, really – this year it is only ONE kiddo – drew says he is TOO old to dress up – even just to hand out candy. but, he kinda has a costume as we came up with this set up where he could stick his hand up into the candy bowl to scare the kids taking candy! that counts doesn’t it!

chris decided to be a roman soldier this year – i have NO idea where that came from! except that maybe the halloween goblin pointed it out to him as each year he seems to pick a costume that has SOME portion that takes FOREVER to make. i thought i’d have to give up before i finally finished stitching up his helmet this year! and – of course – i couldn’t go the easy route and use felt to make the tunic and “leather” accents – NO, i had to use vinyl so it would look more realistic! great in theory, HARD to sew!

here’s a pic of drew in his COSTUME {?}

and here’s chris – which pose do you like best?


or fierce…


and NO, i did NOT pose him for either photo, that’s ALL on chris! LOL!

here are some pics i took of chris at the pumpkin patch, drew was TOO old this year – again with the “too old”! he’s only 13!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

i was happy that chris got to get double duty out of his costume though. we decided to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival this year and as luck would have it, the theme was ROMAN the weekend we went! and as an added bonus, i convinced drew to wear his king costume from last year {with his jeans and tennis shoes – but oh well}. i wasn’t going to even suggest the crown – but he asked if i knew where it was! GOLDEN!

they wanted to have their pic taken with another attendee, a teen dressed up as link – one of their favorite video game characters and “link” was nice enough to agree…

well, i guess that’s it for now!

3 thoughts on “a few photos…

  1. Great costume Tami & I love the first pose the best, however their both great! I only had to make one costume this year too, both boys have outgrown the whole Halloween thing now.

  2. Your sons costume is amazing.
    Too old teehee, you should tell him my 21 and 19 yr old wanted to go out. I told them if you can drive and afford your own candy your too old LOL.

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