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“witch”-full thinking…

i’m witching that i had received this book before halloween…

Eric at Quirk books was kind enough to send me a copy of WITCH CRAFT compiled by Margaret McGuire and Alicia Kachmar to review.

i LOVE halloween and i LOVE crafting, so i was anxious to see what spellbinding little projects were tucked inside this book.

if i’d been browsing through a bookstore, the kitchy cover and the clever title would have been enough to capture my attention and cause me to slip the volume off the shelf to take a peek inside.

and the content delivers on what the title and cover photo imply… adorably smart, and surprisingly simple projects. as i thumbed through the book, i found myself alternately wondering “now why didn’t i think of that” and “how unique” on page after page.

over 2 dozen projects: jewelry, decor, food, clothing, accessories, costume and gift ideas and even a few beauty projects, in numerous mediums: papercraft, crochet, knitting, sewing, cross-stitch, beading and general craft by 19 different artists were included.

several of the projects could be made from recycled or repurposed materials, the rest involved only a few simple and easy to obtain supplies.

i also noted that quite a few of the projects had “kid appeal” and would be easy enough for your little goblins to make themselves with only a little bit of help or supervision.

and i was pleasantly surprised at how many of the projects and ideas could be easily transformed for use other than as wickedly clever Halloween projects.

the book, a nicely sized hardcover, includes large, artfully staged photos of each of the projects, as well as supply lists with everyday and easy to get items, clear and simple to follow directions and helpful diagrams. 

i also absolutely LOVED the fact that they included a section about all the crafters that contributed to the book. each one shared comments on halloween, their inspiration for the project{s}, as well as a little bit of their life and works.  i enjoy discovering where and how other artists and crafters find their sources of inspiration and ideas so that portion of the book was a BIG added bonus for me.

a source guide was provided too, which listed suppliers, major and home-grown alike, where the materials used in the projects were obtained. browsing through the source guide was like going on a little treasure hunt in and of itself!

if you love to craft, love halloween and enjoy a bit of whimsy, you might want to pick up a copy of this book and start conjuring up some projects for next halloween. or with a little imagination and a few small changes, create some fun and unique gifts and decor items for Christmas!

3 thoughts on ““witch”-full thinking…

  1. I’ve been seeing that book in the store and keep picking it up, but am trying to be ‘good’ since Christmas is coming up and need to save my $$ for gifts.

    But now I’m jonesing for it! :)

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