if i’m dreaming…

PLEASE… whatever you do — DON’T pinch me! i don’t want to wake up! LOL!

i submitted to the Teresa Collins design team call a few weeks ago…

i love Teresa Collins’ lines, the slightly shabby, vintage-inspired designs with crisp, bold, graphics and clean and simple black and white. it’s ME all wrapped up in a paper line! LOL! although i love all things vintage, i find my designs leaning more toward clean and linear, so working with TC papers and embellies are right up my alley. and i love that when i use her products, no matter what i do to them – the finished project comes out looking like it belongs in a boutique. her papers and embellies are like MAGIC, you can’t mess them up! LOL!

anyway, i had done several projects using some of her newest lines, so since i already had things to submit, i decided to give it a whirl.

e-mails were supposed to go out yesterday to the finalists, and i admit, i was a little disappointed – but not really surprised – when i didn’t get an e-mail.

i was poking around the computer this morning and went to read teresa’s blog to see if the finalists had been listed. my pal angela {fellow reminisce dt member} had tried out too and i thought maybe she might have made the cut. imagine my surprise when i found not only angela’s name {GO GIRL!} but mine as well! i had to read the list twice! color me SHOCKED!

of course there were only supposed to be 25 finalists, but as my friend tinka pointed out, there were actually 67! that is SIXTY SEVEN! i have NO idea how many spots there are on the team, but the odds are PRETTY high that MOST of those on that list of 67 are NOT gonna make the FINAL cut. so i am NOT holding my breath to make THAT list {although it would be FABULOUS!}

but i’m just REALLY, REALLY, REALLY happy to be one of the finalists. yesterday, i was a bit down thinking that i didn’t have what it took to be on teresa’s design team – and what was i thinking to even have submitted. but today, i’m happy and feeling validated. it was a MUCH needed pick me up and a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY nice surprise.

here are the 3 projects i submitted, all had previously been posted on my blog…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

thank you for letting me share the news with you…

p.s.: here is a link to teresa collins’ blog with the announcement: DT FINALISTS

2 thoughts on “if i’m dreaming…

  1. Congrats Tam! Teresa Collins is my favorite and you would represent her company well. Good luck the rest of the way! Carol Anderson

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