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new lines from reminisce…

if you have a toddler, you may want to start saving up your scrapbooking $$$…

REMINISCE has just released not 1, not 2, not even 3 but FOUR, count ’em FOUR super cute, super adorable lines that are just PERFECT for your little ones! not that they couldn’t be used for older kids too, but there is just NOT much out there in the way of scrapbooking lines for ages 2-5. so to get FOUR new lines all cuddly and cute like your kiddos is SUPER cool!

here’s a sneak peek at the new lines, click on the links for a full view:

CUTOPIA: which is just like it sounds – CUTE! think hearts, flowers, rainbows and unicorns, super girly and super fun!

SNOW BUDDIES: sweet little snowmen and polar bears in colorful scarves and hats frolicking among snowflakes! there is even a build your own snowman on the 12 X 12 sticker sheet!

SUPER HEROES: fluffly little animals in capes! pigs, pandas and more flying to the rescue! and they come complete with all the superhero “noises” too! ZAP! POW! SPLAT! i’m sure you have photos of your little superhero tucked away somewhere that need to be scrapped!

 and last but not least, SPACE  BUDDIES: more cuddly, little cuties jetting off into space; rockets, spaceships and stars – oh my! 

 i was asked to create a layout and a project using the SPACE BUDDIES line, here’s what i did…

my Dad and chris made this “space suit” out of a box, he was so proud to show off not only the suit, but all the “special features” as well! this line worked perfectly to capture that moment. there are lots of colors in the line, which make it easy to work with too.

for my project, i made a birthday set…

the set includes an invite, hat and placecard. the placecard has lollipop planets made by just putting the planet stickers from the 12 X 12 sticker sheet over plain lollipops!

if you’d like to see what the dt gals did with the other lines, just head on over to the REMINISCE BLOG! comments are always appreciated!

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