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Reminsce Celebration Series…

REMINISCE has released lots of new lines for CHA, and one of my favorites is the REMINISCE CELEBRATION SERIES.

The Celebration Series is ALL about the PaRtY! the themes are: fiesta, casino, luau, backyard bash, western and hollywood.

i was asked to design projects using 2 of the lines — BACKYARD BASH and HOLLYWOOD. i’m like to share the HOLLYWOOD project with you today…

 the set includes an invitation, with a popcorn pocket that holds 2 pullout filmstrips with the party info, a “marquee” sign as a centerpiece, a placecard, with a working “clapper, a twirl of filmstrip and a few shooting stars and lastly, as a favor, a movie log to keep track of which movies they’ve seen and their critiques.

my hubbie is a film buff, he’s always off to view some random,foreign,  indie, or critically acclaimed {ie: BORING – LOL!} movie at alamo drafthouse. he even goes to a filmfest up in austin that lasts almost TWO weeks each year. so i think this year, maybe he should have a film fest of his own – i’ve even named it for him — Rob’s Reels Flick Fest, a moinker, along with the “fru-fru” trim on the log and placecard, that i don’t think he’s isn’t too fond of!

this line would be FABULOUS for oscar parties, prom party, or a teen birthday party too. the colors are very dramatic and very glam – perfect for any of YOUR red carpet events!

i’ll be posting the BACKYARD BASH project as well as a layout done with the CELTIC PRIDE line later, so please check back!


2 thoughts on “Reminsce Celebration Series…

  1. Great projects! We had a friend in college who hosted an Oscar party every year…something like this would have been perfect.

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