those of you who read my blog regularly know i don’t usually post too much in the way of personal infomation, but i felt led to make an exception…

i found out a lot of things about my Dad that i didn’t know, after he passed away. i always thought my Dad was special, but i didn’t know how many others felt the same way. Dad did a lot of things for others that i never knew about, he was always there for me, but he was just as steadfast and loyal to his friends as well.

many stood up during his memorial to relate how Dad had touched their lives. i don’t know why i was surprised to hear about all the many wonderful things he did. it was Dad’s way to do things quietly, he wasn’t in it for the credit.

one of the things i learned about Dad was what was on his “to do” list on his computer. some of you may use outlook, or some other type of calendar program to keep track of your busy lives — all the THINGS you need to accomplish, appointments, meetings, etc. Dad kept a “to do” list as well, but it wasn’t full of THINGS to do, it was full of PEOPLE to pray for. he kept a LONG list of family and friends, all with specific prayer needs; problems or concerns they had, health problems, family problems, etc. my Mom was at the top of his list, he prayed for her everyday.

Dad was famous for his e-mails, he sent TONS of them. some were jokes or poems or info that had been forwarded to him, but there were always prayer request e-mails mixed in with it all. prayer was something that my Dad took seriously, i always knew he prayed for us, and for his friends, but i never realized just how much he made it a priority until i saw that “to do” list on his computer.

the last e-mail i received from Dad was sent less than a half hour before his death. the last e-mail he sent was a prayer request for my brother. he probably had bills that needed to be paid, or companies he needed to contact for this or that, but instead, he was working on his “to do” list of people, praying for them, and asking others for their prayers as well.

and what a thought that is, how special is that, how loved would you feel to know that YOU were on someone’s “to do” list. that YOU and YOUR needs and concerns were important to them. so much so that they took the time to write them down, and to pray for YOU and YOUR needs everyday. 

what a beautiful life lesson… put PEOPLE on your “to do” list instead of THINGS!

my Dad truly did teach us by his example, he had his proirities in life straight – PEOPLE were what was important, not things. and because he lived his life by that standard, his last task was a prayer request.

my Dad was a GREAT man…

3 thoughts on “tribute…

  1. Tami,
    Thanks for sharing. Your father did indeed seem like a very special man.

  2. hugs and prayers. what a precious reminder of what’s important. what a special man. you were truly blessed to have him.

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