monday’s classes…

OMGoodness! we had such a GREAT day of classes yesterday! the turnout was UN-BE-LIEVABLE!

but i don’t know why i’m blogging about it instead of being IN BED where i should be! LOL! it was a whirlwind of classes and i think i’m still a little wound up. it was a VERY long day, but a very fun and productive day as well. i think a LOT of people got a WHOLE lot of layouts done.

i taught all 3 of my regular monday classes on the same day {usually they are taught on 2 different mondays}, and i had LOTS of gals who came and played and scrapped the whole entire day.

it was karen, lori and carolyn’s birthdays, so we had decided last month to do the classes all on the same day and do a pot luck lunch in between the morning and afternoon classes. the food was WONDERFUL {and so were the mimimosas!}

a few of the attendees liked the whole day of classes and asked about making it an annual event, i think that might be a good idea – but only annually – as in ONCE a year – i don’t think i could make it if it was more often than that. i’m WORN out! everyone picked my brain so much, i don’t think there is anything left! i may not be able to select colors for any projects for days! LOL!

i would like to thank those of you who come to my classes on a regular or semi-regular basis – i appreciate your support. i would also like to pass along a BIG thank you to those of you who recommend the class to others and or bring along your friends. the classes are all REALLY growing – especially photofull – we had 29 people in class tonight! that is the LARGEST class EVER! i had to count chairs to make sure there was enough room. that is just AMAZING! thanks to carrie and jenny too who i know talk up my classes to customers; it’s obvious the word is getting around.

i have been thinking about a few changes, and i mentioned one of the changes to the class today. sketch & crop, my morning class, has been going on for about 2 1/2 years. it has grown and changed during that time, and it may be time for a facelift. i am thinking of renaming the class SIMPLE SKETCHES, and having it more along the lines of my money $aving $ketches class – where you make 2 – 2 page layouts from one set of supplies. the layouts would be clean and simple – but by no means boring. i know Simple Scrapbooks magazine had quite a following of people who loved their clean and classic layouts, and since they closed, there isn’t much out there that addresses that style.

another thing i’ve been debating – especially NOW when photo-full is almost to capacity – is adding a second photo-full class, to be offerend in the afternoon. it would be taught the same day as money $aving $ketches. so those of you who would like to come to photo-full, but can’t make it in the evenings, would have an alternate time to take the class. it would be the exact same class as the evening one – same project each month – but it would be offered in the afternoon on the 3rd monday of each month. photo-full is currently only being offered in the evening on the first monday of the month.

i want EVERYONE who attends one of my classes to feel that they are getting enough of my personal attention. i worry about that being the case when the classes get to large. so i think if i try offering photo-full twice a month, that may work to solve that. it’s always iffy splitting up a class, you have to have enough people attending EACH one to make it worthwhile.

i’d like to implement any changes on the september calendar – which means i need your input — QUICK! i have to have the details of my september calendar in by the end of july.

so — if you currently attend one of these classes, or have thought about attending, i’d love to hear from you. you can e-mail me {just click on the “contact me” button at the top of the page} or just add your comments to this post.

the count today for my classes was 58! which is the MOST classes i’ve ever taught in one day, so TWO “records” set today for classes. thanks again to all of you who come, learn, have fun, and most of all – get layouts DONE! i truly appreciate each and everyone of you!


4 thoughts on “monday’s classes…

  1. I’m all for an afternoon photo full class – great idea. I’m glad to hear your monday classes went so well, but sorry i had to miss them! See you soon.

  2. I’d definitely switch over to the afternoon Photoful… thanks for sharing so many of your great ideas with us!

  3. I wish i could attend your classes but i don’t live where u do. I was wondering if you could post your money $aving $ketches layouts online for us that wasn’t able to attend. I would love to see how to create layouts using same paper to further my money. Thanks

  4. Thanks for three great classes on monday…count me in for the afternoon photoful! With my backlog of photos, “Simple Sketches” works great for me. See you soon and thank you very much!

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