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ckc day #1

my first day of classes at ckc houston is over! i had been very anxious about these classes, and how they would go, but all was well. instead of picturing them naked or in their underwear – as i’ve heard suggested to calm your nerves – i just mentally pictured them with some of my regular students faces! now if the group had been all men, the naked or underwear thing might have been worth a try! lol!

tinka and laura were great! they each took a side and “worked” the room; showing the samples and helping students with the steps.

i cut everything correctly and didn’t leave out any pieces or parts (at least not yet) and since several gals in both classes used the directions and worked ahead, i guess i did that ok too!

everyone seemed happy with their projects and the class, and the comments i heard were positive.

my early morning class had to compete with early shopping – who wants to take a class when you can shop? but I had 41 in my next class.

after lunch, i took a quik quotes class called “hang it up”. i loved the project, everything was well organized and the instuctor was wonderful as well.

laura took a card class while tinka and i shopped and made about a dozen really cute cards.

i managed to spend MUCH more of things for classes than i did on things for myself.

laura has one more class so i’m blogging and tinka is napping until she gets back and then we’ll head to dinner and then to the ckc crop.

i hope things go just as well or better tomorrow!


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