important update about monthly classes…

hi all,

i appreciate all of you who come to my monthly classes: PhotoFull and Money $aving $ketches, each month at Stamp Antonio and Scrapbook N’ More.

in an effort to try to make sure that everyone is prepared for class and knows ahead of time what they will need, supply-wise and photo-wise, i have tried to streamline this info. i have added “CLASS INFO” headers for each class at each store on the left sidebar under the “class photos, supplies and descriptions” header.

here are the links to the info if you’d like to bookmark them, or you may just want to print the info out and keep it with your class supplies:

PhotoFULL: Stamp Antonio

PhotoFULL: Scrapbook N’ More

Money $aving $ketches: Stamp Antonio

Money $aving $ketches: Scrapbook N’ More

this info will list the basic supplies and photos you will need for class each month. if the layout design dictates items that vary for a given month, i’ll add that info in a special blog post. but i will try to create the layouts around the supplies listed to try to keep them consistant. hopefully this will make it easier for all of you to prep for class each month.

i will not be adding photos of the layouts to the blog each month as i had in the past. also, charlotte who has taken over planning M$$ for me, is doing the directions along the same line as she had done when she was teaching her sketch class at scrapbook 911. the sketches will be on one side of the sheet, and the supplies and cutting directions will be on the other. charlotte doesn’t include a photo of her actual sample layouts, but you are more than welcome to take a pic using your phone or camera.

it’s been a year now that i’ve been teaching these classes at our new “homes”; stamp antonio and scrapbook n’ more. i appreciate both of these stores accomidating and welcoming our group in order to keep the fun going!

i am hoping that my efforts to create a comprehensive supply list for each class, and to try to stick to it, will make it easier on all of you, and you’ll know what to expect each month.

my schedule has definitely changed this past year. i’ve taken on more and more freelance design work to balance out the smaller class sizes. unfortunately whether i teach a class to 2 or 200, the time and effort i put into designing, prepping and direction-writing for my classes does not change a whole lot. so i need to find ways to make everything run smoother. i don’t want a heavy work schedule on my end to cause problems to my students due to lack of info about a class.

in the past, i haven’t always been able to post class info enough in advance, and i’ve felt the guilt and pressure of that! LOL! so hopefully having the same info month to month will help everyone.

i enjoy hearing comments from students about how much they are able to accomplish in these classes, and how they are able to incorporate what they learn in their own pages. that’s what keeps me wanting to keep these classes going. when they become uneffective or uninspiring then it will be time to bring them to an end.

as always, please feel free to send me any comments you might have!


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