work in progress…

it’s almost 6:30 AM and i’m just now getting ready to go nighty-nite!

i’ve been up working on the Secret Garden altered book; trying to think up some new designs for it.

i’ve got the cover cut, layered and laid out – all planned, but not glued yet…


and i’m contemplating embellishing the back cover too…


i was delighted to find that the order form and envelope were still tucked inside a vintage seed catalog from 1937 that i found…


and i want to add more pieces that are visible from outside, like this charm…


playing with this piece… trying to figure out how to make the most of its shape…


and I created this piece using a vintage dictionary page and a page from the seed catalog, wonder where to put it…


forgive the not so great photos; snapping pics and posting from my iPhone!

that’s it for now,i’ll try to post some more peeks as i work on finishing the book this weekend!

off to beddie-bye — FINALLY!


2 thoughts on “work in progress…

  1. Tami, your creativity and dedication amazes me! We are so lucky to have you in the community!
    Mary James

  2. Oh my gosh that’s precious.PLEASE deserve me a spot.Ive called twice to pay but you had not set a date and your previous email said don’t call yet. Thanks Heidi McCord

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