attn: cards for military makers

i am going through ALL my supplies and clearing out those i don’t need…

one of the items I have multiples of are stickers for military branches: army, navy, marines and “generic” military…


i would like to donate them to a group that is ACTIVELY making cards for servicemen and women.

preference will be given if a group is based in san antonio.

PLEASE do NOT request these if making cards is just something you are thinking about doing or if you intend to use them for personal use or to resell.

i may have some coordinating papers, if i find some, i’ll include them as well.

i will also be posting some more info about what supplies you might have that charities can use and how to donate.

as crafters, our supplies tend to grow to monumental proportions without frequent pruning – as i am discovering! obviously, i am NOT a very good gardner! not NEAR enough pruning!

please drop me an email if your group can use the stickers!


One thought on “attn: cards for military makers

  1. Hi, Tami–This is Carrilee. Haven’t seen you in a long time, but sure could use your military stickers. I’m in charge of the military ministry at First Baptist Church and we are getting ready to start making cards for the wounded warriors still in the hospital here. We have contact with a chaplain who is asking for our help. The stickers would be wonderful! Many thanks in advance. Carrilee Adkins 210-661-0668

    On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 3:07 AM,

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