he did it! he REALLY DID IT!

my oldest graduated from International School of the Americas today…

drew rob and me use (750x1024)

today was 13 years in the making. lots of emotions, but overwhelming RELIEF! it’s done, over, fini!

despite a missing honor society collar, drew did graduate summa cum laude. proud, proud parents!

the graduation ceremony was held at laurie auditorium and it was very nice, and surprisingly short. i guess it helps when the class size is 125 instead of 925.

2 of drew’s friends, sydney and madison, who he went to school kinder through 8th grade with attended the graduation, and a third friend, catherine, was among his graduating class.

here’s a pic that i ran across recently of drew’s fifth grade class…

5th grade

madison is top row left, catherine is at the center of the top row, sydney is at the center of the bottom row and drew is sitting next to her on the right.

and here is a pic of drew, sydney and madison after tonight’s ceremony…

sydney madison and drew (1024x682)

the years DO fly by!

2 thoughts on “HE DID IT!!!

  1. CONGRATS Tami, Rob and Drew! I know you guys are so very proud of him. Love the ‘then and now’ pics also!

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