what’s been going on…

well, i always worried that if i had a blog, i’d end up falling behind and NOT keeping it up! and – it happened! LOL!

i’ve had a LOT on my plate the past month or so, and haven’t been able to post as much as i’d like, and i definitely haven’t been able to show you much in the way of projects. i’m hoping that will change in the coming weeks.

my grandmother passed away the day after i got back from cha, and even though she was 101, it still came as a bit of a shock. i think when someone lives that long, you just think that they will go on forever… so my family and i have been dealing with her death and trying to take care of her estate.

i was a little surprised to find myself in somewhat of a creative “slump” in the weeks that followed. scrapbooking had always been my “therapy”, and here i was totally UNINSPIRED to create anything.

i took some time off from submitting and just concentrated on the things that i had to get done. it’s been slow going – i’m just now beginning to feel that i’m ready to start playing with paper & glue again!

i still have some personal things to take care of this month, but hopefully after that, i’ll be back up and running.

now, onto some NEW news…

i have been asked to teach at scrap-a-ganza in houston in june. i’ll be teaching 3 classes; they will be beginning to list the classes offered on april 7th, so you can check out their site for all the info!

i’ll also be teaching a class at BY DESIGN SCRAPBOOK BOUTIQUE the Friday before SCRAP-A-GANZA, but more to come on that later.



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