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SCRAP-A-GANZA – day one!!!

well… day one of SCRAP-A-GANZA in houston is over, and it looks like it was a ROUSING success!

the convention center was PACKED!!! the booths and aisles were jam packed with scrappers. there was a great selection and a wide variety of products. i took photos, but i’ll have to wait until i get home to post them.

i had a class first thing in the morning; all went well – i managed NOT to forget anything! LOL! and everyone was super nice and seemed to enjoy the class. after it was over, i got a chance to look around and shop a bit. BY DESIGN SCRAPBOOK BOUTIQUE  had a fabulous booth! just like their store, the booth was decorated to the hilt, and filled with all the latest and greatest. they had a few products i hadn’t seen before and i can’t wait to use them. hopefully i’ll get a chance to work on them in the next week or so and will post pics!

charlotte, tinka and lulu and i got to houston yesterday afternoon and got busy shopping right away! charlotte had a route all worked out so we could make sure we got to see ALL the stores in the area.

we started at LONE STAR SCRAPBOOK COMPANY, then worked our way to BY DESIGN SCRAPBOOK BOUTIQUE. if you haven’t been to BY Design, here’s a few pics of the store, they’ll make you DROOL! LOL! (to see the whole album, just click on the photo, then hit slideshow, and sit back and watch the “show”!)

by design

we had a great lunch at THE FISH PLACE if you are ever in the area, i would HIGHLY recommend it; their food is DELICIOUS! and they have more on the menu than just seafood.

after lunch we hit A NOVEL APPROACH and then went on to JUST 4 FUN. we had signed up for the crop at archiever’s that night, so after shopping 4 stores, we headed over to get started crop’n! it was time to play with some of the new stuff we bought!

we were fairly productive at the crop, i got most of a mini album done, tinka & charlotte were working on layouts, and lulu was busy doodling letters.

after the crop, we headed to the hotel, which proved to be a little bit of an adventure. we’d had trouble earlier in the day with tollways, the lane we needed to be in seemed to keep changing. there were signs showing what lines were for what – passes, cash, need change – etc., so we’d head on over to the appropriate lane,  but then the next set of signs would contradict the first set and send us scrambling across several lanes trying to get in the correct one! i’m not sure what we were doing wrong, but it was obvious we weren’t doing the toll thing correctly.

trying to get to the hotel, we ran into a detour that had us feeling like we were driving in circles and again, sent us flying across several lanes of traffic in order to make the appropriate turn. the gps couldn’t catch up with the changes and was most frequently heard saying “recalculating route”. it felt like we were just circling the same area, but after quite awhile we did FINALLY arrive at the hotel.

after the expo we made a stop at SCRAPBOOK VILLAGE and shopped a bit. then we had lunch and headed back to the hotel. the hotel staff were nice enough to provide us with a meeting room that we could crop in. so we hauled in out stuff and got busy. i sneaked out for a bit to write this post, i’ll post about the rest of the trip when i get back.

if you are in the houston area and didn’t get down for SCRAP-A-GANZA today, i suggest you come down tomorrow! it is an event not to be missed! timi and her gals did a FANTASTIC job of getting the vendors and classes organzized; everything was perfect! 


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