it’s my b-day!

i don’t even know why i make mention of it – i’m getting too OLD for birthdays, i’m DONE having them!  well, i guess i should say i’m done celebrating them! lol!

my kiddos start back to school on thursday, and drew, my oldest has his orientation tonite. his MIDDLE school orientation! i don’t think i’m ready to have a middle-schooler!

i think we are going to take the kids bowling, then go to the orientation and catch dinner afterwards – an ACTION PACKED EVENING wouldn’t you say! i AM getting old! where’s the drinking, the dancing the partying – wait – i never did that anyway – even when i was younger! (well, maybe just a little)…

i guess i should have prepared a little card or something to share for my b-day – but i DIDN’T! that probably would have been a good idea!

But… i should have some new things to show you soon, i did get the new DAISY BUCKET lines, and i’m expecting a shipment of some of the new clearsnap items. in the meantime, i’d still like to see what you are up to, maybe if YOU have a b-day card to share you could send it and i’ll post it! LOL!

i’ll also be posting later this week about some of my upcoming classes. not all the pics for them are up on the scrapbook 911 calendar yet. but they should be soon! and for those of you who are locals – be SURE to check out tinka’s new classes! starting in september, she will be teaching 2 – heritage based classes – GOT ANCESTORS on sept 18, and THOSE WHO SERVE on sept 25. the samples are up, so be sure to check them out when you are at the store!

well… i’m off to BOWL!

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